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1.Secret Characters-
There are two secret Characters in FF7. They are Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valintine. Both are incredibly useful but entirely optional.
Yuffie Kisargai-
Yuffie is found before you go to Junon. Walk around the woods near Junon and eventually you will encounter Yuffie in a battle. Defaet her and you will get to talk to her. You will have to respond to her correctly or she will steal from you and run. If that happens, you will need to fight her again. Respond to her as follows.
Answer #1."Not Interested"
Answer #2."......petrified"
Answer #3."Wait a second!"
Answer #4."That's right."
Answer #5."Let's hurry on."
Afetr you get the Tiny Bronco, head west to the island. Walk north and Yuffie will come(if she's in your party) and steal your materia. Head north to the town and find her to get it back. First, talk to the Turks in the Turtle's Paradise Inne. After that you must find her hiding places in order.
Hiding place #1. Talk to Godo
Hiding place #2. Open chest in materia shop
Hiding place #3. In southeastern house
Hiding place #4. Pot outside of Turtle's Paradise
Hiding place #5. Ring the bell by Godo's house
Afetr finding her you will have to go to the Dacho statues. Walk around until you find Don Corneleo. You will have to fight a boss, Rapus. After defeating the boss, Yuffie will return the materia that she stole and the Mp absorb. Also, doing this will open up the shops and the house with cats where you can get the Hp absorb materia. Also, Pagoda Tower will be open. Have Yuffie defeta all 5 levels to get her level 4 limit break and the Leviathin summon materia.
Vincent Valentine-
Vincent Valentine is found in Nebelheilm's Shinra Mansion Basement. He is in the locked room so you will need the key. The key is in the safe on the second floor. You can read the note at the mansion's entrance to find the combination. When you open the safe you will need to fight a boss, Lost Number. He is hard if your not prepared. When you beat him you will get Red XIII's level 4 litmit break . Also, pick up Odin summon materia and the basement key. Go downstatirs and open the center coffin. Talk to Vincent until he continually tells you to go away. Attempt to leave and he will join you. While your downstairs go to the labrotory and talk to Sephiroth for some materia. In disk two take a moutain chocobo to a lake between Nebelheilm and Gold Saucer. Make sure that Vincent is in your party and walk under the waterfall. After talking to her leave the waterfall and come back after awhile to get Vincent's Best Weapon and level 4 limit break.

2.Turtle's Paradise Flyers-
If you read all 6 Turlte's Paradice Inn Flyers, you can get a prize at Turtle's Paradice Inn in Wutai. The flyers are:
Flyer #1.Midgar Sector 6 little boy's room
Flyer #2.Shinra Building 2nd floor.
Flyer #3.Gold Sauser's Inn
Flyer #4.Cosmo Canyon Inn
Flyer #5.Cosmo Caynon Weapon Shop
Flyer #6.Yuffie's house basement

3.Duplicate Itmes-
All you need for this trick is W-Itme materia and two items. Equip W-Item on someone. Enter a battle. When the person with W-Item's turn comes use W-Item. Click on the item that you want duplicated. Choose someone. Select any other item. When it comes time to pick someone to use the item on, push cancel. Your origanl item's quantity will have gone up by one. Choose any item and hit cancel and it'll duplicate again. Repeat ass often as needed. W-Item materia is found near the end of disc two. Before you go to Sister Ray, you'll by in some underground tunnels. Keep running towards the scrren and you'll find it, eventually. This trick works good when you need money because you can sell the items that you need and is good for duplicating free Greens.

4.Safe Combination-
In order to open the safe in the Shinra Mansion you need to get the combination. You can read the note by the front door for clues on finding the combination or go to the safe and enter:
Right 36
Left 10
Right 59
Right 97

Remember you are timed and you may not pass the next number in the combination or you must start over. PLus, be ready for a boss fight Lost Number is inside.

5.Rocket Combination-
While in the rocket, you will want to get the huge materia. You will need to randomly enter a four digit combination to get it while Cid remembers clues. The answer is:

6.Cacteur Island-
There is an island that you can't see on the map. To get there you need the airship. Go to Cosmo Canyon and head due south. You will see a small island. This is Cacteur Island. If you walk around in the desert area, you encounter a cacteur. They are difficult to hit so use Manipulate to stop them. If you morph them, you get Tetra Elemental, an accessory that nullifies Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage.

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