The Velvet Cushion

Welcome to The Velvet Cusion. At the moment, this is my own personal haven for my writing, artwork, and poetry. However, my goal for the future of this site is to make it a writing community for young authors to help each other out and improve their skills.

Please look around, and leave honest comments for the work you see. If you have any questions or comments, or if you are interested in posting your work here, please direct them all to me, the webmaster, using this link:

Thanks a bunch and please enjoy!


--June 21st, 2003

Lost of new Words Worth Knowing. I also added one new pic, chapter 18 of 'The Other Side of the Mirror' and Chapter Five of 'Limits'.

--June 14th, 2003

New quote, and links are up. I'm still working on the site so its a little empty right now. Be patient with me please. AND SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!

--June 10th, 2003

The velvet Cushion has reached the World Wide Web-O-Verse for the first time. Happy birthday, VC!!