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Spirit Fighter

Wisdom of the ancestors. This book is just for you, my friend. It is full of wisdom and insight, though it is also very hard to understand, of course. This is your book, just for you. You own this story. Prove it real in your life by how you will act.

Though I had problems learning how to read when I was young and had poor grammar, since then I have always been told that I am a gifted writer. As you might have realized, I have many gifts, and talents. I shouldn't brag, because I was never very smart. I'm still not, yet I achieve so many things. I do not even achieve these many things for my own work, for I'm absent minded and at times seem hopeless in productivity to some. My Karate technique is very strong yet I can not remember the simplest katas and drills. Many think I'm either lazy or crazy, but does this make any sense? This book is not about me though. I thought I'd clear these things up for you now. Remember, this book is just for you, my friend.

No matter what people think, reality is the same. Many people sit and wonder and think in their own imaginary worlds, as people even say the same about me. They accuse me of lies, they accuse me of being mean, yet that is just what they think for their imaginary world. In their verison of reality, they are right. Though when they die, so do their ideals and beliefs, because these things only existed in their minds. People have many realities in their mind, and because of this some people think I am a saint, while others think I am the devil child. Some peoples' up is another's down. Some peoples' right is another's wrong. All this is useless and meaningless though, because the order of the world doesn't change, and their ideals and imaginary realities die with them.

This book is for you, and here I will teach you some wisdom. The wisdom of my ancestors, the wisdom that didn't die when their bodies' now lay in the dirt or float upon wind. The reality of these teachings lasts longer than their lives, longer than our lives, and longer than the earth, because what they spoke was true. They spoke wisdom of truth, the truth that is true for the world, and not just part of one person's ideal or imagination. These principles do not change for any person, and because of this they will always last. Now I pass these teachings to you, Shin, so you can pass them on to others. Though these teachings last forever, people can not benefit from them if they only have their own imaginary realities and teachings over these. Martial pride.

Martial arts, and martial pride; these two seem to go together. One group seems to think their martial art is better or inferior to the others'. Is this right? Bruce Lee taught that there were no superior martial arts, but superior martial artists. Is that right? Everything is better or worse according to the certain situation or for the desired results. If a person wants to become an action movie star, but doesn't care about using their art to defend themself, then one or a few martial arts may do better than others. If more wish to destroy their enemies in a war-like situation, then some arts will do better for that certain situation. If their enemies use a certain martial art or technique style, one martial art will be more efficient than the next to defend themselves against their foes. Understanding these things, why should any martial artist of any style be prideful, thinking their style is better to the next?

When this martial artist, or anyone else is prideful, what do they gain? They will think they are "too good" for something or another, and will usually make themselves suffer over their beliefs. Why does one race of people think they are better than the next, when we all make similar mistakes, yet laugh the same? Why do they have this pride in themselves that makes them feel they are too good to do this or that, or be with one race or type of people from the next? Does pride help anything? The results show that it mostly hurts the person with the pride. Spiritual warfare.

People keep fighting each other for the same or similar reasons; they learn nothing from history or the ancestors before them! Lying, cheating, stealing, they have no sense of honor. If they have pride, it is misplaced. In their imaginary worlds and realities, they think they are the best people alive. All the people of all the nations of the world keep making the same mistakes, fighting for the same reasons, dying for stupid causes. Their bloodshed is meaningless, their lives are also meaningless, because when they died, they do so living for their own imaginary causes. This, or they tried to follow a cause that they could never achieve in their life time, and when they are dead, what can they achieve in their graves, or as a pile of ashes? All the things they do in life are meaningless, because what they did only had meaning to themselves or other people around them. When they died, so did their dreams, and after that their children did the same. Yet most reject the reality that never changes, the only things that really matter they scoff and laugh at. Where will their laughter be when their tongues rot in their graves?

How can people be so stupid? It's not because they want to be stupid, and if they are very dumb, they will probably say they are a genius. No, people don't want to be weak, or foolish, and they don't want to be dishonorable. They want to have nice things thought about them, but they refuse to do what it takes to make these things come true. When they see the world, this reality they can not change, they'll probably think it is too horrible a thing to accept, or will just prefer their imaginary life over the truth. The truth, the reality hurts them so much because they see that they are so very weak and fragile. In truth they realize that they can not understand everything by themselves, and they don't want to have to depend on other people for everything. Because they choose to live in their imaginary worlds where they are the hero, the best person alive, they will reject the reality of the world that does not change and makes them realize that they are weak. If they do not understand the reality, it is not held against them, but they will still hurt themselves and others around them for their ignorance.

Why would anyone reject truth, when the truth is good? Why do they reject the reality, when only in the reality can they make any real difference in the world or what is more? Why do they just pretend that they are good, when they really could be good, strong, and highly esteemed? It was obvious to our ancestors that there was more to this world than what we could see or understand, but we reject their advice like blinded idiots we make ourselves to be! We think we are so much smarter and stronger because of our technology, when we wouldn't have any of this if it weren't for the inventiveness of our parents before us. We use the same tools they used to use, except that now we've had more time to make them work better. They were the ones that invented the tools, we just took their designs and made them work better. Yet we are doomed to make the same mistakes they made. How are we any better, stronger, or smarter than our ancestors before us? How are we any better when we still reject the truth and reality that never changes, that most of our ancestors before us also rejected, and whose dreams died with them in their graves or were washed away by time?

As for the people that understood reality and lived in the reality instead of their dreams, we never belonged here. All these people are insane, "They keep doing the same things over and over while expecting different results." All the people that become really strong, truly wise in the reality that never changes that lasts forever and is the only way to make a difference in the world, the others want to kill us. The only people that are not weak and stupid are laughed at and teased, even killed. The others were always jealous, they were the ones that murdered our ancestors that walked in truth, honor, and right discipline, because they were afraid of those people that followed the truth. Even the ones that were ignorant of truth hated us, because we didn't belong among them. We are special. This is true, I think that you may be a victim of these people, because I was and still am, too. Anyone that likes justice, honor, and to give a helping hand, they will hate. Just like they hate the truth that makes them know they are very weak, they hate the people that aren't weak that represent the reality they rejected. I never understood why I always had to suffer, always wanting to help others, and to have and keep justice, to have a purpose in life that actually makes a difference in the world. I was always generous, and I never liked to lie or use harsh words. I always want peace, even to love others and be loved, but they hated me because of this. I never belonged to be a part of these people, and I think you are the same in this, atleast in some ways. For these reasons it is my honorable and just duty to tell you these teachings, the truth that is three and one, so that you can be very strong, and so that your life can also make a real difference in the world. We are weak people, but the truth will make us stronger than the world we live in. The world already hates you, because you don't belong to them, but you can not make any real difference or be very strong unless you stand in truth. So I pass this teaching to you.

You search for truth. I know this. I was told that you came all the way from Japan to learn real Okinawan Karate, because everyone teaches a fake version made for sports. They claim they have real martial art technique when they changed the techniques to be whatever made them more money or was easier for them to teach. They don't care about truth, either, only what benefits them. So you also search for truth, real things that work. People always seem to care more about themselves than they do about anyone else, and they usually do this by cheating and lying so they can make more money. This is the same all around the world, but not everyone is the same. Some people seek the truth that matters, just like you. They are dishonorable, selfish, but you are different. You don't belong to them. Neither do I, and they think I am crazy because I follow the truth that they fear. They even fear me, not because I know real martial art, but because they fear the truth itself. If you want to be strong, to make and difference and really help others, as I know you do because you are a generous person, then you must know the truth. Though, will you turn away from the truth, even though you are different from them?

The reality is that everyone that lives for their own dreams is foolish and weak, and their lives won't make much of a difference in the world. Only when people accept the reality that is truth can they make a real difference in the world. Only when people work in truth can they have real things, like real peace, real love, real strength, and all those things that people truly want in life, and even after their lives. Everyone who doesn't know the truth or that rejects the truth are insane, because they will never be able to make a real difference in the real world, because they live in their own imaginary worlds and only think they make real difference. They die achieving little to nothing, but we are different, we can have truth and be strong in it if we don't reject it. I'm not sure if your Sensei of Karate has truth or not, but he talks about truth. He knows truth, but I'm not sure if he follows it. First I will help you understand what the words "truth" and "reality" mean. There are so few people that know these things or follow them that they are usually lied about or are defined by people who don't understand them. Truth means something that never changes. This word also means that there is real order and purpose, because if truth means that something can not change, there must be real order, and for something to have order their must be purpose. Things are not put into order unless they have purpose, otherwise they would be scattered in any random way, which is the opposite of what the order means. Reality means that there is a certain way that things are that can not change, and without reality, which goes along with truth and order, there disorder and chaos. You understand that there can not be disorder without their first being some kind of order, and their can't be chaos if there was no such thing as peace in the first place to turn peace into chaos. Does this make sense? I hope you can understand, and that's the truth.

So reality and truth are things that can't be changed, otherwise they contradict themselves. In order for their to be these things, they can't contradict themselves. Many people talk about truth and reality, but when they talk about truth and reality, and what they call truth and reality are different, and they contradict themselves, they can not be talking about real truth or real reality, because in order for these things to be true, they can't contradict themselves. So people can not understand truth and reality by themselves, because they are weak and stupid, and they prefer their dreams and ideals over how things really are in the world and what is beyond the world. People can not understand these things by themselves, and they are too weak to follow these things by their own strength, because they are always contradicting themselves and don't want truth. Though, when they reject the truth and the reality, they can't have real things, and make any true difference in the world or in life. So they continue to be weak and pathetic, contradicting themselves and being insane. Though, we are different from them, and they hate us because of this. We don't belong among them, even though we are humans just like them, but we are different. You can follow the truth, but the truth will reject you if you reject Him. I wrote that your Sensei of Karate talks about truth. Whenever he talks about God, he talks about something or someone that is perfect, something that gives order to all the world. He talks about something that doesn't contradict itself or lie, and is the strongest thing there ever was, and that lasts forever. All people should understand that they die, and that the world won't last forever, so it shouldn't be too hard to understand that we can not find truth or reality in the world. All these things we see are temporary, so we can't see anything that lasts forever. These are some of the reasons we can't understand truth or reality, because these things can only exist if there is a God that exists. God is the definition of truth, reality, and order. Without God, this thing we can not see because what we do see can be destroyed or can die, there is no order, and all people are really just liars that contradict themselves. We would just all live with our meaningless lives, thinking we make a real difference, when we reject truth and reality, but choose our own dreams instead that die with us.

Just because your Sensei talks about God, doesn't mean he follows Him. There are very few people that choose to follow truth, because they are afraid of the truth. There are few people that can have the truth, because they refuse to listen to the truth. They think their imaginary lives are better. They would rather follower their dreams, these false things that they will take with them to their graves. They are weak and pathetic because they are controlled by their bodily urges. They condemn themselves to be liars and cheaters, thinking that living a selfish life will give them lots of money and material things, things that are temporary, will give them a life worth living for. These are dishonorable people, because they reject discipline. When they hear the truth, they reject it and do what they want or think is best instead. They want to feel that they are truly loved, but they won't sacrifice what it takes to have the true love that can only come from something that is true and lasts forever. It's so sad, but they chose their fate in the end.

Many people claim God, just like how people want to believe in nice things. These people use this dream of God as a crutch, thinking they will have a good future when they die and that they are better than other people. These people are hypocrites, and I know that God won't tolerate or accept their behavior. God is true, but these people that claim God but do not really follow Him how He says to are liars, and they are always contradicting themselves. They use this claim to God as an excuse to say they are better than other people, and they have some kind of pride in this. These people are even worse than the people that never heard or understood about God, and not only do they reject God, but they claim they know and follow Him. God will definitely punish them, because He is the definition of order. Everyone that rejects or doesn't know God can't have peace, because they can't have real things. Things are real because a true God that doesn't contradict Himself makes order in the world and the order of the world is what the world is, and when people refuse the reality and truth, they live in their own little dream worlds and accomplish nothing lasting. They rejected reality, and only when they can understand the order of the world can they make any difference in how the world works. God has to authorize the differences that are made in the world, so people can't change anything unless God allows them to. If they are not working for God, neither will they be able to really change anything, because they do not have the authority to.

You are different just like I am different. You can understand and follow truth. I am authorized to make a difference because my actions now are permitted by God because I really follow Him. You are obviously able to be strong and follow the One that lasts forever because the real God has sent one of His followers to share this wisdom with you. This has also been authorized by God, but just as your Sensei said on one occasion, everyone has a choice to follow the truth or not. Some refuse to listen because they belong to the world and they condemn themselves to not one but even a second death which will be their just reward, a final separation from God. Because they separated themselves from God in the world, God is so kind to allow them to continue to be separated from Him for all the time after the world, which will be chaos. Even though they lived imaginary lives and lived for false dreams, they still live in a real world, and they will be punished because there is reality, and they really rejected truth, which is another term for something that can only exist as God. When someone makes a tool, and it doesn't work how it should, it is either repaired or thrown away. Though God is not like anyone that needs to make tools for Himself, because He needs nothing. He also loves everything he created in His image so much that He will never throw them away, but for the ones that refuse to follow Him, and that reject His discipline, His attempts to repair them so they can fulfill their purpose; He will punish them. He is a God of order, for He is the definition of order. If they reject Him, He still will not tolerate this disorder so He orders them to live separately from Himself. The 66 books that make the ancient history book referred to as the Bible is a living testament to the folly of man now, in the future, and that of the errors and wisdom of our ancestors. In study of the Bible, you find out that our ancestors are the same, too. We are not so much different, and more than this, you have been chosen by God to know Him personally. You have been chosen to receive the message of God. For continuation of this book, read the Bible and see what I mean. I will miss you my friend.