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White Reply~ Abhorrent, loathsome, non-productive, odious, putrid, rotten thing of EBIL.
Version 1.0

Every week or so, I'll upload a few songs for you people to listen to. I will not zip them, so just deal with them as you like. I will either be sending them through yousendit, which only lasts a week, or I'll ftp it up to my earthlink account. The usual rules apply to these songs. You know them, I know them, so I won't post it up. Mkay? To save the song into a Windows Media Library, go to "File" and then click on "Save as." Happy listening. -evil cackle- =)

Title: Sister's Sex
Artist: Hizaki feat. Maaya
Time: 4:00

Fwah. I uploaded this for a friend, so I might as well put it here. Check out Jrock Saga. Fast paced, screamy, and punk. Yup. 7.5/10

Title: The Last Nova
Artist: nil
Time: 5:19

Once again, for a friend and from Jrock Saga. Seriously, it's a good site. Check it out. This song is like a mix of Yellow Monkey with Aya. o.O;; Don't ask, I'm tired. 8/10

Title: Swanky*Spunky*Slinky
Artist: ex-Girl
Time: 4:33

Omg. ex-Girl is my muse of weirdness. They're music is strangely satisfing and addicitng... If you have iTunes, freaking buy /something/. Trust me. It's only 99 cents anyway.... Don't you think you owe something this awesome at least that much? Anyway, this song sounds kind of Indian... anyone agree? 7.5/10

Title: Hettakorii No Ottokotou
Artist: ex-Girl
Time: 5:13

ex-Girl special this rotation. Because they just /rock./ Um... I just really have no way of describing this. o0;; 8/10

Title: Pretty You Ugly
Artist: ex-Girl
Time: 3:57

Don't listen to them all at once our your brain will implode. This song is a little less weird and a little more rocky though they still manages to not make any sense whatsoever. Blah. I'm tiiiireed. u.u; 8/10

Title: Rocket Keronian
Artist: ex-Girl
Time: 4:29

-is in no condition to be making lame comments about songs- 8/10

Title: Pop Muzik
Artist: ex-Girl
Time: 4:51

Mwahahaha. Personally, I like this remake a lot better than the original. If that song wasn't scary before... well, they certainly did a good job in making it so this time around. xDDD I love it though. It's delightfully frightening. It's kind of cute how after the over-enthusiastic "Pop Muzik" girls squealing three octaves higher than normal they have the one girl who sounds like she just crawled out of bed. It's weird, but somehow appealing. 8/10