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I have decided to condense my shoutz quote a bit. So even tho itz just a quote or just a few words, itz b/c ur loved and it took me a lot of time to think of the words to put for u! lol! Christina - Never underestimate the power of best friendz, especially when they are together. Matt- Thru good and bad, itz all turned out ok. Leslie- 9 years is 3/4 of out life span, but i'm glad if there is only a few people i've known that long that u were one of them! Mandy- Even tho we cant do long division... im really glad we're friendz! Ally-Fry- Best friendz, alwayz and forever...<3 Mari- I'm glad we're friendz again this year after not seeing u for awhile! Alwayz and Forever! Colleen-How do u like your bananas? Sarah Melissa- It all works out, if one of us loves u and the other doesnt ur still loved, if the other one loves and and one does ur STiLL loved, and if we both love u then ur doubly loved by the Christina's! And if neither of us love u, well... then ur screwed! Tim- Bottle Cap Flicker! Shalin - W/o u would this website be this cool? Uhh i think not! THX! Alex- My summer swimming buddy, can't wait to see ya this summer! (Sry everything didnt work out the way we had planned) Heather- My TNT and highschool swimming buddy, U Go First! HA!