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Itz all on ME!

This page is 100% dedicated to my life... I kno.. i know, its kinda boring. But if ya read carefully u mite learn sum things u never knew about me before!

The Basics

My birth name - Christina Marie Long
What everyone calls me - Christina, Christine, Chrissy, Christy, The Other One, Christina 1, Christina 2, Christina A, Christina B, Chris, and Christina-Fry, Tina, Christina-bina, Tina-bina, Schoobtina
Height- Well as Lauren would say, "It's Alrite to Be Little Bitty!" I am 5'2"
Weight- more than i care to admit
Hair- naturally - dark brown.. now - i dunno itz weird.
Intelligence- I guess you could say I'm book smart (I'm 7th in out class currently), but honestly, I have no common sense and I laugh at anything!
Friends -- See shout outz!
Eyes- hazel, and I wear contacts.
Status- Taken :-D

Music - I luv almost every type of music available. This includes oldies, country (LeAnn Rimes), rap (alittle Eminem), pop (any kind), punk rock (Good Charlotte, spanish (Selena), and more... but CLAY AIKEN IS THE BEST!!!!
Musicians -
Girl -- LeAnn Rimes

Guy -- Clay Aiken
Group -- i dont know

I'll number them from favorite to least favorite, if there's a star next to it I play it..


Basketball Team - 76ers
Football Team - ummm DUH, the Eagles!! AJ Feeley is my hero!! lol!

Candy - SourPatch and Reese's fastbreaks!

Snack- Hmm.. almost anything u can imagine

Ambitions/Goals in life- Well more and more, i think i want to become a not sure where i'd like to live really.. i wanna travel to mexico for some unknown reason.. i wanna get married and have kid (i love the little dunno