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Note:(This web page is non--copyrighted) (also,thecountries cited below,should they be interested,may have access to these ideas for exploitation on specific conditions.(cont) 20-13-98-count1652

It should be understood that upon my death,any and all ideas wether in 'the street rag' or/and all previous ones not exploited by me during my lifetime and regardless of whoever tries to claim them, they all become public domain and for all to use freely any time.

E-Mail at: jackmarchant@yahoo.com----- Note: Much more material will be entered as soon as more image scanning means is or can be available.If you can help,although some others may object,meet me and let me know. Thank you.

this is page two

---See below. It contains ideas for stadium convertible roofs,a new roller skates (Two Wheel "Skoter"), a new snowboard which converts into a pair of regular skis. Also a new ("Tri-cat)sailboat . The fastest yet. And many other ideas.

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(IMAGE NO.16)(for Switzerland).Above, Yankee stadium, could be one of the many that can adapt the convertible roof as shown in these images.It has an external and adjacent tower tilting over the new or existing structure containing within it a folded(typical to"chinese fans")roof which encircles the stadium by means of motorized trolleys at the folds. A power fastener seals it,and air raises it into a bubble.Then "It's a whole new ball game". Not only can baseball be played but many other activities in the worst kind of weather could now take place within it such as rallies, concerts, symposiums auto and boat shows,etc,etc.(cont.)

# # # # #
(IMAGE NO.16x)AT LEFT-This RCA stadium in Minneappolis is different to the one above in that ,although it has an air supported fabric roof, it isn't retractable in clement weather. For several years now these type roofs have shown their reliability regardless of their size.(cont)IN(IMAGE NO.16y)AT RIGHT This Yeadon stadium RICE & ARLINGTON SPORTS DOME 360ft Diameter x 90ft High Round Structure at St. Paul, MN is different to the one above and is also an air supported fabric roof and it doesn't retract in clement weather either. (cont)

(IMAGE NO.16a)Giant Stadium like the Yankee Stadium above can also have all their activities on an all year basis Also for 8000 stadiums around the world)cont.

# # # # #
(IMAGE NO.16b, Left)Here we can see how the roof is actually being opened.In the two insets(giant stadium) are open and closed views of the possible convertible roof,wit an all year round use.IN (IMAGE NO.16g, Right)Here as the obelisk tower tilts we can see the folded soft roof slip out, then motorized dollies at each fold progressively pull it around on the track. We'll get into the details later when they show us the money.

(IMAGE NO.16c)Jan.15-02Both stadiums shown above and below could have multiple towers to decrease their sizes and tilt towards each other at thecenter .In other words the Giant Stadium could have two towers 180degrees from each other while the Yankee Stadium could have three if symmetry permits it. Then two or three fasteners would then be required and the operation would take less time to open or close.If fasteners are located at more folds a quick replacement could take place should a segment gets damaged or ruptured.Flexibility is what makes it more likely (cont.)

(IMAGE NO.16d)Is an aerial photo of the Yankee stadium as it is today

(IMAGE NO.16e)This aerial view is the Yankee Stadium with the convertible roof opening also equiped, in this intance, with several towers. On the lelt image permanent light weight filler roof segments were added to form a circular opening while in the right image 3 towers are shown tilted each carrying a portion of the expandable roof. endless possibilities now exist to permit many variations to meet different requirements. Such as for instance in the following image 16f(cont.)

(IMAGE NO.16f)Here in the figure at right only a single tower is used to ,in the summer provide an opaque roof refracting the solar heat. the image at right using 2 towers could use a heavier double wall for winter insulation. Many other possibilities such as quick segment replacement can be considered.(cont.)

(IMAGE NO.16g)Here is another$20 million dollar convertible roof that can be installed on the cardinal's stadium if its still existing.(cont.)

FOR THE ITCHY FEET.?? Try this...


(IMAGE NO.17)(for Germany) "What the....is this?" is a roller skate.A two wheeler. Like many other ideas in "the street rag" I get feed back of previous "known art" of similar applications but are not necessarily valid for new applications. Many other skate designs were also shown in previous issues but totally different to this also.The boot in this instance is also,like "rag#52", seperable from the skate to permit walking and interfacing with the skate for that use also.Many designs were shown to several companies also illustrating manual as well as foot actuated brakes and yet permitting boot removal from the skates.The features in this concept and many others are to be included(cont)Type 17 here

(IMAGE NO.17a1 and 17a2>

Quick stopping for in-line roller skates.

(IMAGE NO.17b)4 WHEEL INLINE SKATES (ABOVE) Invented in 1925 by Mr. Chomin of Toronto, Canada. ..How about that? It even could switch to an ice blade (shown) for winter use on frozen lakes. Who said 'Rollerblade' invented it? (cont)

(IMAGE NO.17c)at left Unlike the previous brake in image no.17a at left, this hand brake above could complement or substitute it.(cont)(IMAGE NO.17dx)at center---FOR ROLLER BLADERS.Here's a head protector I designed and made such as the one in the image above and I have been using it all summer while skating down the Jersey shore.It cost me twenty cents of material and could go for a couple of bucks. Many other features such as the others shown will be(cont)>(IMAGE NO.17a)at right.As one may notice this inline skate has a brake that rubs on the wheels instead of on the ground with a constant coefficent of friction with no variation such as the asphalt, steel sewer covers,tar, white painted lines,etc, etc, A brake shoe with the contour of all four wheels is located above them and engages it thru an angled lever at the rear typical to the present ones which engage the pavement.The lower skate is similar but actuates the brake shoe by pulling it forward instead of backwards like the top boot but must be disconnected when removing the boots. The sketch at the center illustrates how the skater can ,with brake shoes on each boot,use one foot forward first then slip the other one forward also, as resistance increases thus like the ice skater leaning inwards ,he can sit back until total deceleration with his weight(CG) progressively coming forward to a stop. Its only a matter of adapting to a different position.Braking forward instead of sideways as shown in the sketch below. One way to proove this theory is to put the present RollerBlades" ABT brake on both boot and practice that concept. Once proven we install those brake shoes mentioned above, and off we go with a new law requiring them on all new skates.So like ice skates you "stop on a dime",thus reducing the present rate of accidents.

EUREKA.....On Oct.29th,2000 with a borrowed pair of inlines with that type (ABT) brake mounted on both feet I had the oppertunity to"hit the road" and try out that theory. Guess what? IT WORKS!! So now,with no rear protrusion of the present brakes on most of them we can adapt the above concept providing longer wear of friction pads and quick stops with both feet. If any skate manufacturer is interested, I'll assign patent rights to them and even design and develop and test it for them. See my resume:


and for a minimum royalty give them an exclusive monopoly. Any Takers?? ______________________________________________________

(IMAGE NO.17d)FOR ROLLER BLADERS.Here's a jump suit with hidden elbow and knee pads. Also various head protector designs. Many other features such as (cont)

(IMAGE NO.17dy below)Here's another idea for a skatesuit with hidden elbow and knee pads. (cont)

(IMAGE NO.17dz below)Here's another idea for hauling your 'goodies'along on wheels (cont)

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