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$poiled Inc: Head Trainers

Daryl Rae D'Anna

Along with being the Co-Owner of $poiled Inc, Daryl Rae D'anna is one of our Children's Hunter ( horses and ponies) and Junior Hunter traniers. Her horse Louis Vuitton has been Champion in many Children's Hunter and Junior Hunter classes in the past, and she is now sharing her wisdom with the future hunter stars at $poiled Inc.

Mandy Pettengill

Mandy Pettengill, the other Co-Owner of $poiled Inc is also a hunter trainer. She trains the Junior Hunters, as well as our pony hunters. Mandy's Horse Ben Hur was CHampion in the Junior Hunter divisions many times, and she is now creating new Junior hunter stars for the A circuit!

Kat Mcghee

Kat Mcghee is our equitation trainer. Aside from being a very successful Big Eq, Charles Owen, and Junior hunter rider herself, she has trained many many girls on the "A" and "AA" circuits to amazing levels! We are very lucky to have her as part of our team here at $poiled Inc!