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Our Little Champions: Page 5

Ring Around The Rosie

This little pony was a champ this year. Being just a baby still at age 4, Rosie showed in the Green Pony Classes, and pinned every time out. She has great potential and we can't wait to see what she becomes!

Tickle Me Pink

This grey pony is Tickle Me Pink. Shes a 13.3hh fancy dappled grey arab x with a tiny pink snip on her nose. Tickle Me Pink knows her way around the curcuit! She has shown and won in every division from mini sirrup and short sirrup, to the children's pony hunters. We don't know what shes going to do this year, but we're sure she'll be wonderful as always!

Simply Satin 'n' Silk

This litle black pony is Simply Satin 'n' Silk. She is a beautiful little pony that loves to show. She has been Champion in the pony hunter ring numerous times, and for good reason! She has a flashy attitude that makes every judge fall in love with her just like we did!