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Our Little Champions: Page Four

Autumn Sonta

Autumn Sonata is a georgous chestnut pony, with one of the cutest faces you will ever see. He's 8 years old, a large pony, and a superstar in the pony hunter rings! he knows his job when he steps into the ring, and wins over everyone's heart in no time at all!

Strawberry Shortcake

This precious little strawberry roan pony is Strawberry Shortcake. A star in the model ring, as well as the short stirrup ring, Shortcake is an all around winner! Judges can't help falling in love with her uniquie color, and her cheerful and exciting personality!

Pretty In Pink

Although she's another cute grey pony, Pretty in Pink has her own vivid personality! This tiny welsh x arab pony is as fancy as they come. Shes very scopey, and loves to show off. The judges seem to like her though, shes been Children's pony Champion 3 years in a row at Devon!