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Louis Vuitton

Standing 16.3 hands, at age seven, this Belgian Warmblood is taking the A circuit by storm. Louis Vuitton, more commonly known as one of Spoiled Inc's best horses. Owned by Daryl D'Anna they have taken home many many ribbons as well as won many titles in the show ring. In his first year greens being shown by Michelle Grayson, he placed high in the rankings; competing alongside some of the greatest hunters the show reing has seen, like Scott Stewart's horses, Nona Garson's Horses, and Samantha Darling's horses. In the Childrens Hunter Horses, Louis has proven himself on alomst every occasion. Along with Daryl, the two are a match made in heaven, a duo the show ring has not seen in a while. Taking ribbons from HITS, Gardnertown, Gardenstate, Monmouth, Four Seasons... and many more places on the show map...this is one horse whose name is on the rise.