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Our Horses: Page Three

All That Jazz

All That Jazz is an amaing, dappled grey , Dutch Warmblood. Jazzy is our first year horse. She is doing absolutely faulously so far this yer. At the Saratoga Skidmore Classic this year, she was the First Year Green Hunter Champion, as well as at the Hampton Classic. Jazzy also shows in the Jr Hunters and has recieved champion at Harrisburg, and at the Garden State Horse show earlier this year.

Little Miss Bliss

Little Miss Bliss is a wonderful dappled grey throughbred Jr. Hunter. She has pinned at top rated A shows inculding HITS, Hunterdon, North Fork, ans the Skidmore Classic. She also shows in the Second Year Green Hunter classes, and has pinned at top shows including HITS, Hunterdon, and The Garden State Horse Show.

Simply Irrisistable

Simply Irrisistable is yet another dappled grey beauty. He shows in the Children's Hunters on the A circuit, and is living up to his name! Simply Irrisistable made it to the Marshall and Sterling Indoor finals last year, and is holding tightly to the top slot this year as well. she has pinned at many "A" amd "AA" rated shows, such as Devon, Wellington, HITS, The Hampton Classic, The Garden State Horse show, and many others.