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Ben Hur

Standing at an enormous 17.2hh, this 7 year old, bay, Belgian Warmblood is Mandy Pettengill's Ben Hur. Known as Benjamin or Ben to his friends, Ben Hur has had rapid success in the Children's Hunter ring. Their first time out in the Children's Hunter division, the pair scored a 87.5, taking home the blue ribbon, as well as winning the Marshall and Sterling Children's Hunter Classic. Ben has pinned every time out, and is the sure hack winner. He has pinned all over the map, and continues his success at a very fast pace. Other credits include- - - Champion at The Garden State Horse Show, which was their very first show, in the Schooling Hunter division, A first, a second, a fifth, and a sixth at The Saratoga Skidmore Classic which was a world Championship Hunter Rider Show,Reserve champion at HITS I Catskills, a first, a fifth, a seventh, and an eigth at HITS IV Catskills,and four pinnings in the Marshall and Sterling Children's Hunter Classic. This year, their first year showing together in Florida, the pair had amazing success! At Littlewood fences, the pair recieved mandy ribbons! Their credits so far include: Littlewood new years show: 7th m&s, 2,4,4,1,7,6 Littlewood chlidren's a/t benefit: 1st m&s, 2nd m&s, 4,1,2,7,5 Littlewood:4th m&s,1,3,4 reserve champ Next week is the start of WEF, so wish them luck! We know we'll be hearing alot from this pair in the future when they move up to Jr Hunters next year!