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Code of Attire: Shows, Schooling and Training

Horses Attire: * All horses are to have: - One (1) Scrim Sheet, with white piping, and the horse/ pony's name in pink script - One (1) Cooler Blanket, Black with white trim, an dthe horse/pony's name in pink script - One (1) Winter turn out blanket - Burberry pattern - One (1) Sheet- Burberry pattern - Four (4) Light Pink Polo Wraps - Four (4) Light Pink Shipping Wraps and white Pillows - One (1) White, Hunter Saddle Pad, with horse/ pony's name in pink script - One (1) Leather Halter and Nameplate - Two (2) Pink bell boots - One (1) Breatplate - One (1) Martingale - One (1)Girth and Pink fuzzy girth cover - One (1)Pink Sheepskin Shipping Halter - Three (3) Spools of yarn, color of horse/pony's mane - Two (2) Spools of pink yarn for a $poiled Inc special *touch* in your horse/pony's mane - One (1) Leather lead rope, chain, and name plate

Code of Attire: At home Schooling

Code of Attire: Schooling at Shows

Code of Attire: Showing