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My Dedication To My Family

Welcome to my page, This is my dedication page to my family.As you can see here is part of my family, Ths is Shannon who is 13 and Michael who is 12. We are are very close, and get even closer during the holiday season. I love seeing there face's on Christmas morning, and watching them all day while we are gathered with our family.
Christmas is more the exchanging gifts, We all know what the meaning of Christmas is, and that is the most important.
During the holiday's everyone gathers together, some with people they only see during the holiday season.So I try to make it even more special.
I have another group of friends that are I consider part of my family and you all are very special to me. You all know who you are :) My WebDreamer friends, I also dedicate this to you all. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. You all are the best.
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Updated Dec. 4, 2001
sorry your missing my music