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October 25, 2001:  The Devils beat the Ottawa Senators last night, 2-1.  After losing their first three games the Devils have WON their last three games to improve to 3-3.  For a full report on the game, click here.


Scotty is now in his third season in the NHL and he has spent all his time with the New Jersey Devils organization.  He was the recipient of the 1999-2000 Calder Trophy (NHL’s Rookie of the Year).  This website was started on June 15, 2000 and it was entitled The Unofficial Fanpage of Scott Gomez.  Within the almost year and a half existence of my site I have gone through many formats and even changed the name of my site, but one thing has remained the same, I have tried to keep Scott’s fans up-to-date with his progress as he becomes a star in the NHL.



I have an AOL Instant Messenger name just for this site alone…scottnjgomez…if you ever see me online, please message me; I love to talk about hockey!!  Please e-mail me with your feedback about the new site layout…it would be much appreciated J


Last updated on October 25,2001 at 10:26 p.m.

Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with Scott Gomez, the New Jersey Devils, the NHL, the NHLPA, Scott’s family, etc.  Never have I met Scott, I am only a fan.  If you write an e-mail at the below address, it will be sent to me, not to Scott, I do not know his e-mail address.  The pictures on this website have either been borrowed from another site (links in the links section under Devils) or from the Associated Press. 

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