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"The world is dangerous to live in not because of the people who do evil things,
 but because of the people who know about it but do nothing to stop it."

The children's first names are links that will take you to websites with more information...
I would like to give credit to the Littlestangels,
Children Who Never Made It Home and Stolen Innocence webpages for most of the names found here.

First Name




Jennifer Bolduc 16 Nov 2, 1996 -- The suspect in the murder of two high school girls killed himself in his cell early Saturday, Sharon Dean, spokeswoman for the Tompkins County Sheriff, told CNN.

John B. Andrews apparently hung himself with his shoelace, and an
autopsy will be conducted Saturday afternoon, Dean said. At the time
of his death, Andrews was not on a suicide watch, and it was not
expected he would kill himself.

Andrews was indicted Thursday of abducting and murdering 16- year-old cheerleaders Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc in October. Police found their remains scattered across central New York state.

The first-degree murder charge meant Andrews, if convicted, would
have been eligible for the death penalty.









Ashley Ann Carlson 7 Feb. 18, 1999 -- A 16-year-old boy accused of strangling a 7-year-old girl appeared to be living in the house of a convicted child molester in the weeks before the killing, the man's neighbors said.

Patrick Lee Harned, who is charged with aggravated murder in the
death of Ashley Ann Carlson, and William Carl Welsh, 44, a
registered sex offender accused of molesting Harned and another boy, remained in custody Wednesday.

Police and prosecutors revealed few new details about their dual
investigations. They also wouldn't elaborate on an earlier statement
that Welsh was somehow connected to Ashley's case.

But information emerged Wednesday about the relationship between
the accused teen killer and a child molester who has preyed on young
boys since 1979.

Police documents left in Welsh's home show that detectives were
investigating Welsh on suspicion of repeatedly molesting Harned
and another youth even before Ashley was reported missing Feb. 11.

Police seized evidence showing that juveniles had visited Welsh's home. Police also seized pornographic magazines and books, computer discs and videocassettes, after they kicked in his door to serve a search warrant Feb. 11.

Harned's arrest Monday ended an intensive four-day search for Ashley, whose body was found in the basement of Harned's house.

Nov. 9, 2000 -- Saying he believes Patrick Harned is likely to commit future crimes, Circuit Court Judge Phil Nelson sentenced the 18-year-old to life in prison without parole for the murder of Ashley Ann Carlson.

Crystal Carlson 10 Newark, NJ -- April 19, 1998 -- State Police arrested a 19-year-old Salem County man in the killing of a 10-year-old neighbor, who was strangled and stabbed and left dead on a grassy rural roadside.

William Francis McPherson III of Alloway Township, was picked up at his home and charged with killing Crystal Carlson, a shy fourth-grader who was last seen leaving the Alloway Township School at 2:30 p.m. Friday. She was apparently abducted as she walked to her home a few blocks away.

April 24, 1998 -- The mother of William McPherson, the Alloway man accused of killing 10-year-old Crystal Carlson, was arrested Wednesday on charges that she tampered with evidence. She was released after posting $2,500 bail.

Cynthia Plummer, 41, of Cedar Street in Alloway, was charged with tampering or fabricating physical evidence and hindering prosecution after she allegedly encouraged her son to dispose of Crystal's body.

Jessica Lynne Carpenter 17 It was Aug. 4 when Judy Carpenter came home from work and discovered the body of her youngest daughter.

Jessica was naked, and an autopsy showed the killer had strangled
her and cut her throat. The official cause of death was asphyxia -
a lack of oxygen to the brain - likely caused by the strangulation.

Craig Gantt, an inmate in prison on a parole violation, stepped forward
last week and told Aiken police Mr. Baldwin confessed to killing Ms. Carpenter on Aug. 4. Judge James R. Barber III agreed Tuesday to allow investigators to take blood, hair and saliva from Mr. Baldwin for a DNA sample and to make the comparisons.

But Aiken police released a statement Friday afternoon saying the DNA did not match.

Still, the assistant solicitor continued to call Mr. Gantt a reliable witness, confirming late Friday that the informant provided details of the killing not known to the general public.

Mr. Gantt told police he picked up Mr. Baldwin on Aug. 4 from the
Starvin' Marvin convenience store on York Street, just around the corner from the victim's home on Brentwood Place. The pair rode around that night, smoking marijuana and talking, Mr. Gantt said. That is when Mr. Gantt claims Mr. Baldwin confessed, saying he raped a girl and ended up killing her because she could identify him, police said.

Mr. Baldwin has been in jail since Oct. 29, charged in a rash of crimes during the past six months, including armed robbery, sexual assault and burglary.

Mr. Baldwin has been sentenced to 20 years for an unrelated robbery. He is still facing charges of killing a University of South Carolina Aiken student and robbing another man of his car. If convicted in either case, a judge must automatically sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Connie Marie (Gibson)-Carrilo 8 Toledo, OH -- Connie Marie (Gibson) Carrilo was missing for two days when her body was found in the crawl space of a neighbor's house.

The neighbor Pablo Pons II, raped Connie and killed her by hitting her in the head with a brick. He then placed her naked body in a trash bag and hid it in the crawl space.

In 1986 he was convicted in and was sentenced to 31 years to life in prison.





Jasmine Stoud 6 A judge has thrown out some statements made by a teenager charged with raping and murdering a 6-year-old girl.

In his ruling, Northumberland County President Judge Robert Sacavage
said investigators failed to inform Brandon Brown of his Miranda rights before an interview at the police station. As a result, the statements will not be admissible during Browns homicide trial.

Brown, 17, is charged with kidnapping, rape and murder in the Aug. 11, 2001, death of 6-year-old Jasmine Stoud, his neighbor. Prosecutors have promised to seek the death penalty, but Brown who was 15 when Stoud was killed wants the case moved from adult court to juvenile court. A hearing on that motion is scheduled for Dec. 6.

Christopher Thomas Alford 15 In 1991, Randy S. Mills, 29, pleaded guilty to gross sexual imposition for having sex with a child younger than 13. He was sentenced to two to five years in prison, but the sentence was suspended, and he was given probation because he didn't have a criminal record.

June 7, 2001 -- A convicted sex offender who could have received
the death penalty for fatally beating a 15-year-old boy was sentenced to life in prison after he reached a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Chris Alford was 15 years old. When his body was found, his blond hair was blackened with blood. Part of his face was missing. At his funeral his casket was closed.

Now, a year later, Angela Wilson walks from door to door in the
neighborhood, a petition in hand. Ms. Wilson, Chris' mother, has
collected 400 signatures; her goal is 1,000. She wants to change state law to increase the penalty for those who kill someone under the age of 18 in capital-offense cases. If they plead guilty to a capital offense a crime that carries the death penalty she doesn't want them to be eligible for parole. Ever.

State Rep. Schmidt said she is waiting for Ms. Wilson to deliver her

Christopher Lee Ausherman 9 Nov. 23, 2000 -- Marcie Wogan, a former prosecutor in Carroll County, Md., who specialized in child abusers, was trawling the Internet for news this week when she saw the headline about a 9-year-old boy found dead in a baseball dugout in Frederick.

As soon as she saw the age of the boy, Wogan said, she knew who did it.

"I said, 'Oh my God, it's Elmer Spencer,' " Wogan said yesterday.

It had been more than 18 years since Wogan helped convict Elmer Spencer Jr., now 44, of paying an 11-year-old boy $20 to drink liquor, forcing the boy to undress, raping him and then trying to strangle him with a shoelace. The child was able to escape, and Spencer was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

But he didn't stay there.

Spencer, who is mentally retarded, was arrested in the slaying of Christopher Lee Ausherman, 9, on Monday, five days after his release from the Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown, where he was sent for a 1996 assault on a Frederick woman. That conviction came on the heels of at least two other convictions and three arrests in connection with assaults.

How Spencer was freed after compiling such a lengthy and violent record has prompted debate about whether convicted pedophiles should benefit from early release, and whether serving out a sentence means they are safe to return to society.
Phree Morrow


The girls were inseparable. They went roller-skating together every week, listened to music, talked about boys, had slumber parties and went to the bakery almost every day for doughnuts, their families said at the time.

During Sapp's trial, Schumaker described how the girls were taken in a van to a house, raped, beaten and killed.

The Morrow family says it was Wanda Marciszewski who admitted telling others to kill Phree when the child awoke from a beating and asked for her father. She is serving a 10- to 25-year sentence at the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

Her husband, David Marciszewski, pleaded guilty in 1995 to two counts of aggravated murder and is serving a life sentence in the Warren Correctional Institution. 

John Balser, David Marciszewski's stepson, is serving a life sentence for aggravated murder at the Mansfield Correctional Institution.

Jamie Shane Turner and Christopher Bibbs are first cousins. Turner pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and rape. He is serving a life sentence at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility near Lucasville.

Bibbs was found guilty of tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. He is serving two years at Orient Correctional Institution.

Using DNA evidence, prosecutors convinced the Clark County jury that heard Sapp's case that, although the five other people played a role in beating the girls to death and hiding the evidence, it was Sapp who raped them.

Sapp also admitted killing Belinda Anderson, whose body was found buried in a Springfield garage in 1995.

Martha Leach 11
Bobbie Jo Barry 7 June 3, 2001 -- In a hushed courtroom lined with a dozen police officers, a Marion man was found guilty of kidnapping, raping and murdering 7-year-old Bobbie Jo Barry, a blue-eyed wisp of a girl who'd known him as a family friend.

The jury of 10 women and two men deliberated about 12 hours in two days before returning the verdicts against Barry Satta, an autoworker and one-time best friend of Bobbie Jo's father.

His fiancee's 16-year-old daughter, Alicia McCoy, said, "I love you'' in a strong voice as Satta was led from the courtroom under heavy guard.

Investigators have said the child was sexually assaulted and badly beaten, her neck broken. Friends who attended the funeral last summer say the brutality of the attack was almost unspeakable.

Police think Satta likely entered the Barry house through a bathroom window about 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 27. Satta's fingerprints were found on the window.

The girl was last seen alive sleeping with her sister in a bedroom.

Police think Satta took Bobbie Jo to a vacant home he owned on the city's west side, where investigators later found the child's underwear and shorts.

Her body was found wrapped in a sleeping bag that had "Barry S'' written on it.

June 8, 2001 -- A jury spared the life of a man convicted of kidnapping, raping and killing 7-year-old Bobbie Jo Barry. Her parents, fighting tears, said they wanted Barry Satta to die.

"It's not justice. He'll still get to see his family,'' Bobbie Jo's father Max Barry said of Satta, his former best friend, after the sentencing.

Satta, wearing handcuffs for the first time since the trial began, stared straight ahead and showed no emotion.

After the verdict was read, Satta's girlfriend, Phyllis McCoy, hugged her 8-year-old daughter, Marissa, while Mary Johnson cried at the rear of the courtroom.

Jacqueline A. Beard 9

Nashville, TN -- Jan. 22, 2000 -- William Glenn Rogers was sentenced to death yesterday for the kidnapping, rape and murder of 9-year-old Jackie Beard. He had posed as a police officer to gain her trust.

Rogers, 37, was convicted Monday of one count of premeditated 1st-degree murder, 2 counts of felony murder, 2 counts of kidnapping and 1 count each of rape of a child, aggravated sexual battery, criminal
impersonation and impersonation of a police officer.

Police believe the girl was abducted near her Montgomery County home July 8, 1996, while picking blackberries. Her body was found by deer hunters four months later in the Stewart County portion of Land Between the Lakes.

March 5, 2000 --  Already sentenced to death for the killing of 9-year-old Jackie Beard, William Glenn Rogers yesterday received an additional 48 years for kidnapping and raping the girl.

Rogers scoffed in response to being called a pedophile in court, but he showed no reaction when given 2 24-year sentences for especially aggravated kidnapping and rape of a child.

Rebecca Bluff 3 Salt Lake City, UT -- Rebecca Bluff's mother, Ferosa Bluff, 27, and Andrew Fedorowicz, 46, a friend, pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, a first-degree felony, and abuse and sexual abuse of a child, both second-degree felonies, in connection with Rebecca's death.

Bluff maintains Rebecca suffered fatal injuries by falling down a flight of stairs in their apartment. But an autopsy showed Rebecca's body had multiple signs of physical and sexual abuse.

Prosecutors allege the adults sexually and physically assaulted Rebecca repeatedly over at least a 72-hour period, which resulted in her death from internal bleeding.

Ferosa Bluff, 30, and Andrew Fedorowicz, 49, were sentenced to serve 5 years to life in prison with two consecutive terms of 1 to 15 years after a jury found them guilty in 1999 of first-degree murder and second-degree felony counts of child abuse. Their first parole hearing is slated for 2010.

The pair -- who are Canadian citizens -- had claimed Rebecca Bluff must have injured herself in a fall down the stairs of Fedorowicz's Salt Lake County apartment. But medical experts testified the child had been physically and sexually abused, dying on Oct. 21, 1998, from massive bruising caused by beatings with whips and other devices.
Beth Ann  Mote 13 Louisville, KY -- Aug. 16, 2001 -- A federal judge on Wednesday ruled that Eugene Gall, whose death-penalty conviction for killing a Columbia Township girl in Northern Kentucky County was overturned by an appellate court, could be transferred to Ohio to serve a life term for an unrelated murder.

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals voided Gall's conviction in October, saying he was insane in April 1978 when he abducted Lisa Jansen, 12, from her home in Columbia Township and drove her to Walton, Ky., where he raped and killed her.

Jim Knight, of the Montgomery County, Ohio, prosecutor's office, said Wednesday that Gall killed Beth Ann Mote, 13, of Oakwood, Ohio, about a year before he was charged with abducting Miss Jansen.

Gall was sentenced to life in prison for Miss Mote's death, Knight said.
Lisa Jansen 12
Melissa Jaroschak 11 Melissa Jaroschak's flight from her assailant, and his own subsequent attack on her, may have protected him from scratches similar to those she incurred before her death, a forensic pathologist testified at the trial of Scott Douglas Oliver. The pathologist, Dr. Isidore Mihalakis, took the stand and presented that theory on why Oliver was not scratched up by brush in the area where the 11-year-old Melissa was raped, sodomized and strangled.

The prosecution is seeking a first-degree murder conviction and the death penalty for Oliver, who at the time of Melissa's death was free on bail awaiting trial on charges he raped and choked a woman into unconsciousness.





Donald Jarrell Jr. 10mo. Nov. 20, 1999 -- Sharron Jarrell will spend the rest of her life in prison for her part in the killing of her 10-month-old son in 1998.

Jarrell told jurors she didn't plot with her husband to suffocate the baby to hide months of sexual abuse and that she didn't wait overnight to call 911 when she knew Donald Jr. was dead.

A York County Circuit Court jury didn't believe her. Instead, they decided that she showed extreme indifference to the life of her child and convicted her on charges of homicide by child abuse, accessory before and after the fact of murder and three counts of unlawful conduct toward a child. She was acquitted of criminal sexual conduct.

Prosecutors had contended during the trial that Sharron Jarrell participated in Donald Jarrell Sr.'s sexual abuse of their son.

Jarrell sobbed as a clerk read off her convictions. She chose not to address the court before Judge John Hayes sentenced her to life without parole, plus 10 years.

Jarrell's husband, Donald Jarrell Sr., pleaded guilty but mentally ill to murder and is serving two life terms.


Jean 14mo. Newark, NJ -- A man was sentenced to life in prison for torturing, sexually assaulting and killing his 14-month-old daughter to avoid paying child support.

Jeffrey Jean, 20, was silent before Superior Court Judge Donald Merkelbach sentenced him for the Feb. 14, 1998, murder of his daughter, Brianna Jean.

"He is a devil in human form," First Assistant Essex County Prosecutor Patrick Toscano said while describing the seven hours of torture that led to the girl's death.

Jean pleaded guilty to felony murder and other charges in a deal that spared him the death penalty. Under the sentence handed down, he will not become eligible for parole until he has served 63 years and 9 months in prison.

Jean bit and punched his daughter, threw her against a wall, tore her skin with a scouring sponge, broke her arm and fingers and then put a pillow over her face until she stopped breathing, authorities said. Jean later told police he had planned the killing for weeks and wanted to avoid paying child support to the toddler's 15-year-old mother.

Defense attorneys asked for a 40-year sentence, saying Jean had no criminal record and took medication for depression.
Wendy Baribeault 17 Hartford, CT -- April 7, 2000 -- Convicted serial killer Michael Ross edged closer to his execution when a jury reaffirmed, after a record nine days of deliberation, his death penalty for the murders of four teenage girls.
But in the end, it came down to answering just two questions: Were Ross' crimes particularly cruel, heinous and depraved? And if so, should the jury still show mercy because aspects of Ross' character or background warranted life imprisonment instead?

The jury had to answer those questions six times to correspond with each of the six counts of capital felony for which Ross was convicted in 1987.

Each time, the jurors found the crimes unusually cruel. Each time, they found no reason to show mercy.

The counts apply to the kidnap- murders of Wendy Baribeault, 17, of Lisbon; Robin Stavinsky, 19, of Norwich; April Brunais, 14; and Leslie Shelley, 14, both of Norwich. Two counts of rape-murder also were lodged.

May 12, 2000 -- Serial killer Michael Ross received six death sentences, six years after his original death penalty was overturned by the state Supreme Court.

The sentence was handed down according to the verdict of a Superior Court jury, which last month found that Ross should not be spared the death penalty.

Ross had claimed a disorder called sexual sadism drove him to rape and kill -- a defense the jury last month rejected.
April Brunais 14
Leslie Shelley 14



14 Parsippanny, NJ -- Jan. 30, 1992 -- A man who impregnated his two young daughters and then beat one to death with a baseball bat because she planned to reveal him as the baby's father was sentenced Wednesday to 90 years in prison.

Donald Benson, 31, a handyman, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of his 14-year-old daughter, LaToya, whose bludgeoned body was found on the floor of an abandoned building on the South Side.

LaToya disappeared from the family's South Side home on April 5, 1989.
Kristy Bentley 15 Kristy Bentley disappeared while walking her dog and her body was found 18 days later, the day before she would have turned 16.
Witnesses have said they saw a young blond girl walking her dog with two men in their early 20's the afternoon she disappeared

The dog was found tied to a tree the following day.

No arrests have been made.
Aleszandria Ariel Berrelez 5 Aleszandria Ariel Berrelez was abducted on May 18, 1993 by a stranger. She was playing in the courtyard of her home in Englewood, Colorado. Her lifeless body was found during an extensive search four days later. The stranger continues to be free.

Out of her death came The ALIE Foundation, or "ALIE" an organization centered around giving seminars to children and parents, as well as donating bloodhounds to law enforcement agencies all in the name of preventing child abductions and other crimes.

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