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saves the day news

9-16-02: I'm in the process of changing all the pages. Theres a lot of new pictures up again. Lots of photos os saves the day and fans too. Theres going to be a new fan art section. So send any art you have like drawings or paintings or computer graphics, anything. Send it to me. Send me your pictures too. Thats all for now. If you click on a link and it doesnt work its because i havent gotten to it yet. Im working on it.

9-15-02: New design. Its much better, I think. I got the idea from a desktop wallpaper i saw and just re-did it and made it into a site.

8-31-02: Hello everyone! Okay, so the message board isn't coming along so well, no one has posted and now the ads are there and it looks horible. So i'm going to make a group blog. For anyone whos a saves the day fan. I think it will work much better.

So school starts for me in two days, and I'm going to finish the site before then. This will include a new template, the new group blog, and all of the basic pages filled. So if you want to join the blog just e-mail me. As soon as that is set up I'll add a link from the site and you can join yourself. I think.

So look for a new design soon. Sumbmit your fan profiles too. Thats all for now.

8-25-02: hey! i have'nt worked on the site in a few days because i have a billion other sites i'm working on too. but not to worry, i'm going to add a bunch of stuff very soon. school is about to start, and i'm not going to have as much time to update all the sites, so i'm going to completly finish the site in the next week. all that will be left will be updating and getting people to come!! hey, if you have a website, link us!

you know what else? i think you should go write in the message board. talk about saves the day. it's been up for a while now, and not many posts are up.

If you have a saves the day site, e-mail me and I'll definately link you.

Also, e-mail me your fan profiles. Theres a few up already. Well, I'm about to add them.

xoxo elizabeth

8-20-02: we're adding a fan profile section. This will be in the Interact section. Send us your info and we'l add you. The guestbook is up now, and we're working on everything else.

8-20-02: Hey! We've added a ton of photos of the band and of individual members. We still have a lot to do, but we're making some progress. So, heres what's up. The Lyrics section is up, but not all the CDs are complete. The Tour, Interact, Other Stuff, and Links section are all up, but not completely done. In the other stuff section, theres reviews, articles, interviews, and quizzes. All of them are up except for quizzes. We've got some quizzes made, we're working on getting them on the site, so check back there in a bit. In the Interact section, theres links to a mesage board, and a guestbook. JOIN THE MESSAGEBOARD!!! Write in the guestbook too, if you'd like.

*Coming Soon*-About the Site, Quizzes, Biography, MP3s and a bunch more. (and this will be soon, asap)

8-16-02: More Tour Dates!! Lots more. Check the tour section for dates and venues.

8-15-02: Next week (8.20 & 8.21) there will be a band playing Philadelphia and New Jersey that goes by the name "Sweet Fracture". We won't say who is in the band, so don't is however, extremely relevant that you know this information.
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8-7-02: Excelent news! New Saves the Day tour dates! Too bad theres only a few in the UK right now (unless of course you're in the UK). Check the Tour Dates section for more info!

7-25: News! The Vagrant America 2 tour should kickoff in Spring of 2003. Why The Delay? Because Dashboard Confessional, Saves The Day, and Alkaline Trio all plan on going into the studio this November for individual spring releases. But don't worry about having to wait until next year to see a Saves The Day show, they'll be doing their last tour of the year in October.

7-18: Ted has left saves the day. We wish him the best luck in whatever he does. We miss him.

6-18: long without an update. Well, the Pop Disaster Tour ended yesterday, so were hoping to see some new tour dates soon. Maybe if you missed Saves The Day on the Pop Disaster Tour, you will get to see them sometime in the near future. We'l add tour dates as soon as we know them.

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