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Free Quilling Project Pattern - Enjoy!

Free Quilling Pattern

How to Make this Quilled Flower:

Step 1:
You Need: Four 6" strips of 1/8" paper(your choice of color)
Roll into loose circles with end glued. Pinch to form teardrop, make sure the glued end falls in the center of rounded part of teardrop.

Free Quilling Pattern Free Quilling Pattern

Step 2:
You Need: One 5" length of 1/8" green paper.
Roll into tight circle for flower center. Glue four teardrops to tight circle.

Free Quilling Pattern

Step 3:
You Need: One 4" length of 1/8" green paper.
Fold paper in half and roll each end into a loose scroll in the same direction, rolling about half-way to fold.

Step 4:
You Need: One 6" length of 1/8" green paper
Roll into loose circle with end glued. Pinch at seam and exactly opposite of seam to form leaf shape.
Glue greenery to flower and attatch flower to gift tag, card, scrapbook, or wherever desired.

Free Quilling Pattern

This pattern is available for personal use only, not for sale. However, items made from the pattern are not restricted from sale.

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