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Nihon Bunka Bu
Japanese Facts

The Language
Pronouncing Japanese Words
- a as in father. - i as in easy. - u as in boot. - e as in pay. - o as in toe.
- ka as in car. - ki as in king. - ku as in couscous - ke as in cape. - ko as in colt.
- sa as in sock. - shi as in sheep. - su as in soup. - se as in save. - so as in soak.
- ta as in top. - chi as in cheek. - tsu as in tsunami. - te as in tame. - to as in tow.
- na as in not. - ni as in neat. - nu as in noon. - ne as in name. - no as in no.
- ha as in hop. - hi as in heap. - fu is like a cross between who and fooseball. - he as in hate. - ho as in ho
- ma as in mom. - mi as in meat. - mu as in moose. - me as in make. - mo as in motor.
- ya as in yacht. - yu as in you. - yo as in yoke.
- wa as in waffle. - wo as in open.
- ra is like a cross between lock and dock. - ri is like a cross between leep and deep. - ru is like a cross between loop and dupe. - re is like a cross between lame and dame. - ro is like a cross between lope and dope.
- n as in can.
   To pronounce a double consonant begin to speak the sound but stop it short with your tounge. After a short pause continue the sound. Ex. いっき- ikki this word is made up of i and kki. Say i, start k, stop k before sound is made, pause, say ki.
   Japan has three sets of characters. The list above is hiragana [平仮名 - ひらがな] which is used for Japanese words, sounds, particles, conjugation, and pronunciation. Katakana [片仮名 - かたかな] is used for foriegn words. Kanji [漢字 - かんじ] is used for certain Japanese words, especially nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives.

The Country
This is a map of Japan.
In Japanese Japan is called Nippon [日本 - にっぽん] or Nihon [日本 - にほん] which means "sun origin." Japan is also known as, "The Land of the Rising Sun" or hiizurukuni [日出ずる国 - ひいずるくに].

This is the Japanese flag.
In Japanese the Japanese flag is called Hinomaru [日の丸 - ひのまる] which means "the sun's circle."

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