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Nihon Bunka Bu

Nihon Culture Club
1:00 PM JB 128
October 12th, 2004

New Business:
  Introductions: name, nationality, goals at SSCC. Anything else?
    · President: Nihon Culture Club supports Maiko Takenaka. Challengers?
    Duties: Runs meeting, works with other officers to plan events, and is the representative of the club.
    · Vice President: Nihon Culture Club supports Dustin Asby. Challengers?
    Duties: Plans agend,a responsible for budget, and works with other officers to plan events.
    · Secretary: Nihon Culture Club supports Fae Spector. Challengers?
    Duties: Records meeting minutes and works with them to plan events.
    · Sponser: Nihon Culture Club supports Dan Bush.     Duties: Responsible for club.
  Seattle Asian Art Museum trip: when are you available?

   Quarterly schedule rundown:
     10.19.04: Midori-san will play koto and shyamisen for us.
     11.02.04: Don will give an American perspective on living in Japan.
     11.16.04 Practice singing Kaeru no Uta and folding origami paper to show children at Childcare Center.
     11.23.04: Learn about- Bounenkai (end of year celebration), Oomisoka (clean up time), and Oshyogatsu (New Year’s clean slate)
     11.30.04: Childcare Centre- Singing, origami, any other ideas?
     12.07.04: Film- What would you like to see or learn about? Documentary? Feature Film?

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