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Africans in America 1600-1899

Poet Phillis Wheatley Abolitionist Frederic Douglass

The resources here document as significant elements in the fabric of American life and culture, the contributions of African men and women. Despite the laws of Jim Crow and the absence of 13th, 14th and 15th Constitutional amendments , discrimination and racism, these men and women exerted their humanity with intellect and creativity.

African American Artists

African American Innovators

African American Scientists

African American Writers E-text

Slave Narratives

Guide to Black History

Start your research in Online Resources. For World Wide Web sources use Google a search engine to locate information about the people listed below.
Colonial Period1776-18201830-18601870-1899
Olaudah Equiano(Gustavus Vassa)Nat TurnerHenry Highland GarnetJohn Mercer Langston
Paul CuffeJohn P. ParkerOsborne AndersonSojorner Truth
Lemuel Hayes Prince HallHarriet JacobsSamuel Larkin
James Albert Ukawsaw Richard AllenWilliam Wells BrownJohn R. Lynch
Phillis WheatleyBenjamin BannekerHarriet Tubman

Jupiter HammondCharlotte Forten
Frederick Douglass

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