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Company Research Sources



An easy-to-use tutorial that introduces students to basic techniques in company research. It outlines search strategies and   explains what is involved in company research, provides sample exercises and sample profiles of companies, and offers links to sources of information on public and private companies, industries, and industrial updates.



Hoover's Online.


Covers 13,500 U.S. and foreign companies, both public and private. Under the Site Map: find profiles of more than 3,400 companies; search by location, industry, and/or company type; locate financial reports of 7,500 corporations; and access subsidiary information.

Under the List of Lists: find companies categorized by different criteria--by size, geographical location, salaries, brands, etc.

Click on to Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance & Workplace to pull up descriptions of selective companies' current environmental and social efforts.


Researching Companies Online.


This tutorial presents a step-by-step process for finding free information on companies and industries available on the Internet,  including their annual reports, home pages, and company profiles. It covers national and international companies, nonprofit   organizations, and international business. This site is a good place to start if you are researching a particular company.




Business Ethics Resources on WWW.

Maintained by the Centre for Applied Ethics at the University of British Columbia. Areas covered include codes of ethics, association codes of ethics, ethics institutions & organizations, other organizations of interest, publications, specific topics, courses, and public sector ethics.

Business Ethics Resources on the Web

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