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For the past two years, this special girl has been my Guardian Angel.
She's been there for me through thick and thin,
and I will always have a special place for her in my heart.
No matter where we were dancing at the club, watching movies at my house,
talking to some internet geeks, or at all the fun parties,
she has always brought a smile to my face.
I only hope that for years to come this friendship will grow and progress.
I Love You So Much Ver!


Oh geez! Where should I start?
Maybe it's the way you crack me up when you start singing me to sleep when you spend the night.
Or could it be the way you always have a story to tell me about some new guy?
Nah, maybe it's how you always want to play some kind of card or board game with me!
Nope, it has to be the way you sit at my computer when you're over and play the same song over and over and over again!
Dammit!, that's not it either! I guess it's you just being you, and making every new day more fun then the last.
Yeppers! That's it! Thanks Jess, you're a Crazy Ass Cracka!

New Picture Coming Soon!

New Entry Coming Soon!


Hey PooPieHead! What can I say?,
 you're one of the coolest chicks that I've come across since the beginning of High School!
I love the Basketball Games you play in for our High School,
because I get to see you put fear in the other school's player's faces.
Thanks for being a new face at the local shows that I go to.
You're a great person to hangout with, and I hope that
we will become greater friends for years to come.

p.s. - you think we can get Mr. C to go to one of the shows? Ha Ha!


Vice-President of the Class of 2004!!
How can I talk about Basketball at good old Garfield High 
without even mentioning this crazy chick?
She maybe the one always on the bench with an injury, 
but she's one of Garfield's best!!
Thanks for being there Vice!
Without you, I don't think I would have made it 
through these past two years.
Especially since I had to put up with Mr. C.



What can I say?
She's hip, she's hot, 
and she's got sophistication!
I love you for being my crazy side kick 
at all the FALLACY SHOWS!
YOU BETTER Buy a cd from her!

Driggity DRE is in the hizouse!


Reese's Pieces
 I didn't think I was going to end up putting a family member in here!
But, I think she's worthy enough to have her special spot in Morbid Dreams.
This is the weirdest cousin I have, and if you talk shit about me, 
she'll end up kicking your ass!
This is for all the crazy summer vacations, 
with all those hicks trying to pick us up!
Chereis, you're the best cousin, well,
 wanna be sister that is!



He's always at the shows,
He's always at the mall,
He's always been my partner in crime
getting certain people in trouble!
(I know you know what I'm talking about Guy)
<---------------------- CLICKY CLICKY TO SEE GUY'S WORLD


Hey Pinky!
She's the coolest underclass(wo)men out there!
No one can Rock the Pink Hair but her!
Follow your dream babe.
The future is yours!


She's my home room buddy!
Thanks for bringing a smile to my face every day after second period!
Thanks for all those funny memories of picking on Mr. Franco,
and causing complete kaos everyday!
No one else can help me make fun of Mr. Franco but you!


What's there to say about Marc?
Always trying to pick up the chicas,
my cousin thinks he smells good,
and he likes the back seats of
Nissan Maximas (if you get my drift!)



Angela is the coolest!
She's a chick that plays bass for a band,
She has a cool tattoo,
and she loves bettie page!
So, Clicky Clicky on Bettie Page!!



This is the coolest cheerleader that has ever come in contact with me!
Thanks for all the laughs in Math class for the past two years.
Geometry was a breeze!
Thanks for helping me cope with Algebra 2 & Trig,
too bad we couldn't keep Ms. Maciag as our teacher.
*Oh No, Mr. Katz is in school today!*
*WooHoo no Math today, the juniors have an assembly!*


What can I say?
He likes the Deftones!
He likes Jeeps!
He loves Pooty Tang!!
It's Dave. : - )


To my special little friend
who has moved so far away.
I miss you so much,
and I hope you're living the life in P.A.
I will always remember the fun times
we had before you left.
Come back and visit soon!

For everyone who believes they should be above:
Forgive me, for I have forgotten to put you there.
If you insist, email me and tell me to put you there.

Thank You, and I hope you enjoy your stay, here at Morbid Dreams.
*Please do not SIT, SWING, or STAND on the handrails.*