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Easy Money: How To Make Money On the Internet

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WARNING: With this site you will be exposed to secrets that could make you an insane amount of money! If your pockets aren't big enough, please leave now. If you can handle some extra cash, please continue.

OK let's get started. There are several steps that you have to take complete if you are serious about making money on the internet. This site will explain all of those steps in detail and give you some options to make it easier for you to complete them right away.

No serious online money-maker gets anywhere without a website. A website is a great way to promote your programs to generate extra referrals. It is also an excellent way to keep track of the programs you are in for your own personal records. It is important to try many programs so sometimes you may forget what ones you're in. With a website, you should have them all right there. For more information about creating a website, including a list of free web sites, click here.

There are many money-making programs out there. I suggest joining as many as you can to find out which ones are the best for you. Some programs you can make a bunch of smaller checks like $25 and others can get you checks upwards of $500 at a time. Put a few together and you'll be making a lot of money. I suggest joining programs of different varieties such as paid to read e-mail, paid to visit sites/join free programs, paid to surf, and paid per referral. I have a bunch of free programs here, but my favorite is featured right below.
Cost to join:FREE
Signup Bonus$6
What you do:Visit websites/Join Free Programs
What you make$1 to $8 per task, $4.5 average
Frequency of tasks:22-26 per month
Referrals:10% direct, 5% indirect, 5 levels total
Check:When you reach $500 (very attainable with big payout)
Link:Join Nitroclicks Now for Free!

I can't stress enough the importance of this step. Referrals are where you can go from making gas money to making new car money! This is where the real cash starts to come. Almost all the good programs have the option of getting referrals to make more money. If the ones you join do (all of the you'll find on this site do) then you better start right away. Part of the referral search will be achieved through your web site, so make sure you explain your programs well and promote the site (step 4). However, that is just a small part. You must do some recruiting of your own. First, ask friends and family. They will usually want to help you out and also should trust you the most. Plus, you can keep after them to keep working at the programs so you get more money. Next, Set up an online chat room. Everyone wants more money, and if people see a chat room about making money, they'll go in. That's your chance to promote your program to them so be prepared to explain it and answer any questions. Finally, look around for places that offer quick referral builders. They can be very effective. I should have some on this site soon. Remember, REFERRALS ARE THE KEY TO ALL GOOD INTERNET MONEY-MAKING PROGRAM!!!

You can begin this as soon as you complete setting up your site with all your programs, but I put it as step 4 because of the importance of getting referrals. Promoting your site is often very difficult for the average site owner. It is likely that traffic will not be heavy at first, but be patient. If you follow my suggestions, the traffic will come. There really is no need to spend a penny, but if you can afford it, paid advertising will generate the most traffic to your site. However, you can get good traffic without it. There are many free services offered across the internet. Some of these will auto blast your site to FFA link pages, newsgroups, free classified sites, and even search engines. I suggest finding a bunch of these and try them out to see which ones work. Remember, pay close attention to search engines rules. Some won't let you keep posting on them in a short period of time. Another thing you can do is create a signature for when you send e-mail so that everyone you send e-mail to will see your site link or URL and maybe even check it out. Don't worry, I will explain more about promoting your website and point out my favorite programs here.

A free e-mail account can be used to send all the junk mail you will get from the promotion services when you blast your link to thousands of sites for free. Many sites send you confirmation e-mails that really don't matter anything so you can just delete them or maybe check out a couple for more promotion opportunities. Either way, you don't want these e-mails to clutter your main mail e-mail account, so get an extra free one and send them there. This will make it a lot easier for you. Also, there are a couple programs out there that pay you to receive and read any kind of e-mail like Z-Wallet. The pay isn't very good to my knowledge, but it does it's purpose to give you a place to send junk e-mail. And who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and end up getting a big check from them. I will try to find you the best free e-mail accounts in the future, but for now here are some that I found:

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