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:: August 15 12:05 AM ::

FINALLY!!!!!THE "BLACK OUT of 2003" IS OVER!!!!!Damm!!.I went with 6 whole houre without a computer,tv,or memote controla car,oh and the a/c from 4:15 PM to around 2:00 AM this morning!!!But now I'm back on the internet!!!!!

Well aside from the damm blackout,I had an ok day yesterday,until the backout.I woke up last night at around 11:00 since my mom woke me up and asked me if I wanted to go to he bank with her then the mall.When she said mall I ran out of the room and into the bathroom to take a shower.But what I didn't know if she ment ,the bad one.No toy stores!!!!!When we got there I'm all like,"WHAT!!!I thought we were going to Newport,Mill Creek,Wookbury[in upstate New York],Paramus Mall,Jersey Gardens,orWillobrook!!!!"I was so mad.All I boght was my kakhi pants for school.God damm.

What's even worse is I had layouts for angelfire and my xanga.Took 3 hours each but before I could save,the blackout came.

Im'a go now......FUCK THE ELECTRICE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:: August 13,2003 1:59 PM ::

*yawn...*Damm I'm tired like hell now.Well I got the sit up and ready.I still have to get a guest book,comment box,and other shits.So anyway,I added my profile to the site and some links.I emailed the maker of this layout and said iI can use one of his 2 other layouts which are 10x better then this one.I'll use them on Version 2.0 and Version 3.0 of this site.Well in the eman time I'll start making the layout.

On a different note,I'm still seeing if xanga is working.I was ablt to go on mine earlier today,but i wasn't able to write a new entry saying to go to this site.But I will when its up and ready.

Well today,I plan on sleeping at 3:00 and play Vice City soon.i'd do it now but I'm watching some anime shows on Adult Swim.

Well im'a be going now.I'll play video games now so bye!!!

**edited 1:56 PM**

Well I'm hungry like hell!I'd buy chinese food now but there's a minimum of $8.00 for them to deliver.I can't ask my kuya since he's sleeping now.So I guess im'a have to starve like hell until my mom comes home.

Well today I woke up at 11:30.When got downstairs I watched Saved by the Bell,Family Matters,and now MTV.i was bored and I forgot to watch movies.

Well im'a go now.I'll find something to eat so bye!!!

:: August 12,2003 3:35 PM::

Well I'm still making the site so it should be up soon.I'm still trying to get it to look right.I also have to get up a comment box and maybe a guest book.And maybe try to get hosted.Well this will be the new site of mine.Since xanga it down,this is gonne be my new one.Hopefully xanga will be back up soon.When it does I might just shut it down and use this for now on.Well I'm still doing some work hee now so bye!!! `;D

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