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After ten hours flight from Newark NJ, the two of us arrived at Honolulu International Airport late at night on December 5, 2004. The first thing we did after we got the rental car was to set out for Chinatown for a delicious supper of noodles. It tasted good and reminded us of the nice food in Macau. Then we set back for the hotel, relaxed a bit and prepared for the busy trip next day.

The next day, we went to Hanauma Bay where we spent a great time snorkeling. Though Marian knows how to swim, she did not know how to use the snorkeling equipment. She just held her breath and swam. At the end, she realized she could breathe as normal under water with the equipment. The scenery under water was tremendous. Everything was nice, except the sun burst on Lawrence's back. He could hardly eat that night.

In the following day, we paid a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial. It was a coincidence that we chose to visit on December 7, 63 years after the battle ship was attacked and sank. If we did realize it, we would have avoided the crowd.

We spent most of our time driving around. We have covered the whole island, stopped by a couple of unknown beaches, just to enjoy a vacation...



Snap shot of Waikiki beach from the car


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