Civil War Buttons - Northern State Seal & Militia Buttons

Keemakoos Civil War Relics & Antiques

Pre-1865 Northern State Seal & Militia Buttons

2c. Civil War Pennsylvania National Guard Non Dug Cuff Button
2e. Fine New York State Seal Staff Police Coat Button
2f. Fine Pre-Civil War 1-Piece Silver New York Coat Button
2h. Non Dug Independence Guard 12th New York Militia Cuff Civil War Button
2i. Non Dug Gilt Civil War New Jersey Staff Officer Coat Button
2j. New York Civil War Albany Burgess Corps ABC Cuff or Kepi Button
2k. Civil War Connecticut Staff Episcopal Academy Coat Button Tice CT281
2m. Dug New Hampshire Civil War State Seal Coat Button w/Gold Highlights
2n. Non Dug Wisconsin State Seal Staff Civil War Coat Button
2o. Nice Dug New York Staff Civil War Coat Button w/Gold
2p. Early Vermont Militia, 1-Piece, Silver Plated.
2q. Scarce Non Dug Civil War Kentish Guards Rhode Island KG 1774 Coat Button
2r. Beautiful Gilted Non Dug Civil War New Hampshire State Seal Coat Button
2t. Civil War Union Gilted Brass NY Militia Goddard & Bro Backmarked Coat Button
2v. Fine Non Dug Union Civil War New York Officer's Staff Coat Button
*New* 2a. Non Dug Civil War 13th Militia Regiment National Greys New York Coat Button
*New* 2b.Non Dug Early Civil War Massachusetts State Seal Coat Button
*New* 2d. Civil War Non Dug Michigan State Seal Coat Button

*New* 2y. Non Dug Early Civil War Rhode Island State Seal Staff Officer Coat Button
2z. Super Early, c.1834-43, Silver Benedict & Burnham Massachusetts Staff Officer Coat Button
2a6. Wisconsin State Seal Staff Civil War Cuff Button
2a7. Dug Intentionally Cut 1-Piece New York Coat Button Super Gold
2b4. Gilt Brass Smith Civil War Connecticut State Seal Cuff Button
2b5. Silver Washed Civil War Pennsylvania State Seal Staff Coat Button
2b6. 1850's Detroit Michigan Light Guards Coat Button
2b7. Civil War New York Artillery State Militia Coat Button
2c1. Non Dug 1-Piece Gilt Brass NL Massachusetts National Lancers Coat Button
2c2. Union Civil War Rhode Island State Seal Cuff Button Fine Quality Backmark
2c3. Rare New York City Guard Coat Button Scovills RMDC Backmark
Civil War Massachusetts Independent Corps of Cadets ICC Gilt Brass Cuff Button
Non Dug Civil War Maine Militia State Seal Staff Cuff Button

2c6. Gilt Non Dug Civil War Boston, Mass. Coat & Cuff Buttons
2c7. 1850's Connecticut Collegiate & Commercial Institute Coat Button
2c8. Civil War Connecticut Collegiate & Commercial Institute Coat Button