Weed Quotes... Page One

:*:SMoKeRs LiVe AnD SMoKeRs DiE, BuT In ThE EnD We AlL GeT HigH, So If At FirSt YoU DoNt SuCceEd, RoLl A BluNt WitH loTs Of WeEd, TaKe ThAt BlUnT AnD LigHt It Up, ConGrAtULAtIoNs, NoW YoUr AlL fukEd Up!:

PeAcE : PoT : TeQuiLLa sHot
GoD LoVeS uS -SToNeD oR nOt-

...bOy i wiLL givE u evErythinG u nEed...
...bOy me wiD ouT u is likE a...
...bLunt wiD ouT wEed...

iMa Do SuM DruGz
iMa FuK SuM ThUgZ
iMa DRinK aLoT
iMa SmOkE SuM PoT
iMa Do SuM THiNgZ
BuT ItZ aLL GoOd CuZ i HaVeNT GrOwN uP YeT

WhY gO tO HiGhScHoOL,
wHeN yOu cAn Go tO sChOoL HiGh?!

[( .pixXY stiXx. )]
--cUZ nOt evERy kiD cAN afFOrD cRAcK!桳oL

I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ iN tHe MoRninG.
I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ aT nIgHt
I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ iN tHe AfTeRnOoN iT mAkEz Me FeEl AlRyTe!
I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ iN tHe TiMe OF PeAcE aNd TwO iN tHe TiMe OF WaR!
I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ bEfOrE i SmOkE tWo JoInTz AnD ThEn I sMoKe TwO mOrE

装装 装装 装装 装装 装装
装装 Rollin On Dubs 装装
装装装装 装装 装装 装装

Ish Gangsta Now Let's /// Dip,Slip,Ride,Get High

Tru Playas Smoke Them Joints Tru Hoes Play Them Niggas

/ If You Smoke That Hennessy / / Hoes You'll Feel Mo' Bettassy /

Hit It Right Behind Jump Imma Make It Bump

状~- you smoke -`磣`

1 HiT oF Me iS LyK 10 HiTs oF E! So EnTeR My wOrLd oF *ExTaCy*

**Dig a lil hole, plant a lil seed, wait a lil while, and smoke a lot of weed!**

S m O k E a J o i N t N o T a B u T t F u C k a V i R g i N N o T a s L u T

({ ii take a bOwL tO dha head }) }) `en put mah miinD at easZ ; ({ ({ wOrk wiit nuttiin buh hustLasz }) }) `en rOLL wiit nuttiin buh G`sz ({

鼢 鼢 鬃 鼢 What Means Da World 2 Me Weed,Hennessy,Niggaz Niggaz In Trife Killah Hustle Da Mugle Fo Da Hugle Bo0 Look At All Da Boo ShiT!! AoOooW 鼢 鼢 鬃 鼢

My homeboys are everythang I need.. Me without them? Datz Like a blunt with no weed - seductive

dO yOu wanna get hiGh wyt me iF yOu wana get hiGh wyt me Start JacKin fOr jOints