Summer Quotes... Page One

*ScHoOL's OuT*
*MeMoRiEs PaSsEd*
*DoN'T eVeR DoUbT*
*oUr fRiEnDsHiP wILL lAsT*

iTs FiNaLLy tHa EnD oF tHa scHoOL YEaR
tHeReS bEeN sO MuCh LaUgHTeR & a fEw TeArS
iM gLaD iT FiNaLLy CaMe 2 aN eNd
NoW iTs tImE 2 pArTy wIth mY fRiEnDs

ThiS sUmMeR iS GuNnA b ThA BeSt
iTs gOnnA bE pLaCeD aBOVe tHa ReSt
mE nD mY FriEnDz aRe GONnA LiVe iT uP
& NuThIn iS GoNnA FuCc tHiS sUmMeR Up

sChOOl iS oUt
nOw iTs TiMe fOr fUn
nO mORE sChoOL woRk
sUmMeR hAs bEgUn

beAch dAys . flip fl0ps . bAthing suits
tAnk t0pz . sh0rt sh0rts . bAnqin tAn
h0t dAys . wArm sAnd . summA l0vin
beAch geAr . gettin reAdy . summerz here

wArM DaYz / LiGhT HaZe
iN thE LaKe fLoAtIn thE hOuRs awAy / LaYin oUt TaNniNg aLL dAy
StaYiN uP hAvIn LaTe NiGhTs / tHrOwiN wAteR bAllOns dUrIn wAtEr FiGHTs
cHiLLiN iN tHe pOoL / nO mOrE scHoOL
mUnChIn oN iCe cReAM / sLeepIn aNd dReaMiN a hApPy dReaM
aLwAys wEaRiN BaTHiN sUiTs / cOnStanTlY loOkIn cUtE chiLLaXiN ouTsiDe / tHe wEaThEr’S FiNe
lOuNgIn iN tHe wArM sAnD / HoPiN soMeonE sPecIaL FiNdS My hAnD
aLwAyS sTaYin dOwN aT tHe bEaCh / My SuMMEr gOaLz i WiLL rEaCH
sHoRt sHoRtz & sUngLaSsEs / mE & mY cRu wOnT b SiTtin on ouR AsSeS
sLeEp oVeRs WiTh bEsT fReNz / i hOpE tHiS sUmMeR NeVeR eNdS

sExy bOyS | sAnD n sUn
LauGhiN | hAnGiN | n HaVin fUn
OcEaNz | pOoLs | TaNnInG n mOrE
tHaT wHat sUmMeRtImE iS FoR

gRab yA guYz n gRab yA gurLz
sUmma'Z hErE nO nEeD to fEaR
lOng dAys sUnbaThiN'
leAn lEgs nEaTly sHavEn
wEar Ya tYte n KUtE clOthEz
cUz tRu bEaUtY rEaLlEe sHowZ

sPoT a HoTtiE oN dA bEacH
oNe yA rEallY waNnA mEeT
rOll yA tOUnGue n HaVe sOme fUn
mAybE he'LL bE Ya *nUmbA 1*

HoT sUn ×
FLiP FLoPs ShOrT sHoRtS ×
TaNk ToPs aLL dAy ×
aLL NiGhT PaRtYiNg ×
FooD FiGhTs SuNgLaSSeS ×
BeAcHGeAr gEt ReAdY ×
sUmmEr'S hErE! x