Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Nine

Hey baby You want to come to my house to work on your math skills?
We can add the bed, Subtract the clothes, Divide the legs, And try not to multiply.

Picture this: I'm in your bed bodyz hott, madd hott, soakinq wet, thinkin' about the things i'd like to do. Im wide open when it comes to you.

What matters is not the length of the wand...
but the magic in the stick

U aint goTTa saY 2 mUcH-
fRoM tHe LoOk iN uR eYez i CaN tEll u WaNnA fUck-
U aInT gOttA cAll mE yoUr bOo-
As bAd aS u WaNnA fUk-
i wAnNA fUk tOo!

God made me...
God made you...
God made condoms
so we could screw

Lets play hide and go-seek,
If you can find me...we can fuck,
& If you cant find me, Im in the cupboard.

I like my coffee like I like my sex...
*Strong* and on the kitchen table.

i WaNt 2 mAkE yA bOdY sWeAt BeTwEeN tHa ShEeTs
I wAnNa gEt u aLL aLoNe N sTrIp dAt PeRfEct BoDy *oF aLL iTs cLOtHeS*
tHeN iM gUnNa wOrK iT fRoM yAh HeAd 2 Ya ToEs
wAtS cOmIn nExT...bAbY wHo KnOwS??

N boy u got my legs spread all over da bed
N hands clenchin da sheets hair wild as hell
nd i know the only thang on ya mind is sexin me...
U see boy i can feel ur tempurature rising
u should feel mah nature too
come on its gonna be a bumpie ride......

::ImA DyMe PIeCe:: ::SeXi n ThiCk::
:WaNnA sEe mAh CoOcHiE?:: ::LemMe SeE YaH dIcK:
--oOpS sOrRi bOy NOt The ritE sIzE [[bUt Do us a fAvA]]
*N pUt Ya tOuNgE bEtWeEn MaH tHiGHs*

*-HoLy MoThEr Of GrAcE bLeSs My BoYfRiEnDs GoRgEoUs FaCe-*
*-BLeSs HiS hAiR tHaT tEnDs To CuRL - kEeP HiM sAfE fRoM aLL tHe GiRLs-*
*-bLeSs HiS aRmS tHaT aRe So StRoNg - KeEp HiS hAnDs WhErE tHeY bELoNg-*
*-bLeSs tHe BeD iN wHicH wE fuCkeD - bLeSs HiS DiCk ThE oNe I suCkeD-*
*- AnD iF mY mOm wErE tO WaLk iN bLeSs The shiT ThaT I'd Be iN-*

Beat me, Beat me, Bite me, Blow me, Suk me, f**k me, very slowly,
if u kiss me, don't be sassy, use ur tongue and make it nasty!!

I said I was an Angel...I don't do NaUgHtY things,
but u must of got me too hot and burned off my wings

PiCtUrE yOu aNd Me SeXuaLLy,sOo SiNfuL tHaT iTs HeAvEnLy,
ThIs AiNt nO MoViE RaTeD G,BaBy MaKe mE ScReAm,LiKe It *X* TiMeS 3