Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Eight

Hey my name is pony, wanna ride?

"Roses are red, Violets are CoRnY,
When I think of you o0o0o Baby I get horny!"

HeY u BaBy u WaNnA mEsS?
cUz BaBy i GoTtA reLiEvE sOmE sTrEsS
i WaNnA gEt DoWn *ToNiTe*
DoN't Be AfRaiD- i'LL dO u RiGhT

"Is that a pistol in your pocket,
or are you just glad to see me?"

It's not what I do but how I do it.
It's not what I say but how I say it.
And how I look when I'm saying and doing it

love is a *sensation*
caused by a ::temptation::
a guy sticks his -destination-
in a girl`s 'location'
to increase the {population}
of the next generation
do you understand my -explanation-
or do you need a ||demonstration|| ;)

.x.I .x. Love the way you look at me .x.
.x. I .x. Love the way you smack my ass .x.
.x.I .x. Love the dirty things you do .x.
.x. I .x. have control of you .x.

*.* LeMMe LiCk U uP n dOwN TiL U sAy sToP *
* LeMMe pLaY WiT uR BoDy BaBy MaKe U hOt *
* LeMMe MaKe u Do aLL tHa ThinGz U wANt Me 2 d0 *
* CuZ t0niTe BaBy i WaNNa GeT fReAkY WiT u *.

Open your mouth, stick out your tongue,
take a little taste, and lets have a little fun.

LiKe iT - when yOu keeP youR eyes oN me
n i Like iT when u ToUcH my pRiVacy
aNd i Like iT... SeX & extacY
When The BeLt bUckLe LoosEn uP undress mE

kiss me from head to toe oooh baby...i love you so my sweet love,
ain*t gon* stop i*m gonna be your lollipop

- Dun worrii bout who i'm lickin n stickin
just be mad iit aiint you!

.{[ iim liike a cupcake ]}.
.{[ tha best way to enjOy me ]}.
.{[ iis to liick the tOp ]}.
.{[ and eat tha bOtt0m ]}.

._/`.x tell me that you love me baby x._/`
._/`.x get hot and fuck me crazy x._/`.
._/`.x get a towel and wipe me off x._/`.
._/`.x you want a bitch wit no type of flaws x