Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Seven

yOo MaY tHiNk YoU hAvE hIm //
YoO mAy ThInK hE'S YoUrS //
bUt i ThOuGhT yOu KnEw //
He DonT mEsS wiTh WHoReS

im nOt a DirtY hOe . .
n i AiNt FuKkiN EaSy
ya gOtta b go0d to this gIrL
. . cUz it tAkes aLot to plEaSe me

sToPp All ThE sHyTt
nD jUs aCt rEaL
iT doNt hUrT tO sHoW
hOw YoU rEaLLy fEeL

if u think u got wat it takez to be me ..
think agen cuz u can
neva lOok as gOod as me

Ma GamEs TiGhTa tHeN tHe jEaNs I gOt On
-&- aLL I dId WaS sHoW a LiL oF mY ThOnG
.- . . 0 o P s . . -.
ThErE gOeS aNoThEr HaRd-On

GOt tHa G-StRiNg 0Ut
azZ L00kiN pHaT
GoT tHe bOyS SaYiNg dAmn..
i waNNa HIT tHaT

d0nT lIke mEe? w0w -
whAtChA g0Nna do?
lAsT tImE i ChEcKeD mY lisT..
i didNt liKe yOu t0o!

TrUsT n0 bYtCh * FeAr No HoE

*~-. bAiBeE i JuSs WaNa HaVe sUm fUn .-~*
*~-. yA kNo..HuGgIn.KiSsIn.a LiL bIt oF tOnGuE ;) .-~*

they say y0u cant always get what y0u want }
but i KNOW i want y0u
{ and im gonna get y0u one way or another }

iM tHe DiAmOnD iN tHe DiRt
ThAt AiN't BeEn FoUnD

l00k @ y3w..yur h0tta den f1re
n0w l00k @ i the
0nl1 0ne y3w d3s1re?

I wish I was a bar of soap floating in your tub, Imagine the things Id get to see..the things I get to rub.

-::- Picture this -::-
.: I'm in mah room :. .:. Laying on the bed .:. .: Soaking wet :. .:. Body's hot :.
.:. I Want u 2 show me wut u got .:.

Fuck me slow- Fuck me fast
Fuck me good and make it last
Fuck me now- dont be shy
Fuck me hard and make me cry