Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Six

Sometimes I feel lyk no1 in thys world gives a sh1t
Gurlz are so mean and there aint no doubt bout it
Be Calling me a hoe, s1ut, skank, all that sh1t u name it
It hurts to be called names when ur jus bein u
Im sorry I do things differently then you wud do

rOsEs R rEd
VoIlEtS r BlUe
A fAcE lIkE yOuRs
BelLoNgS iN a ZoO

I had a wet dream about you last night..
I pissed myself laughing when you fell of a cliff!

x ItS a ShAmE wHaT aLl YoU hOeS
pUt YoUrSeLvEs ThRoUgH x
xx YoU tAlK sH1T bOuT mE
aNd I dOnT gIvE a Fu(k BoUt YoU xx

**i GoT PmS & a HaNdGuN
nOw WuT WeRe u SaYiN??**

I am who i am...ppl will think of me wut they want...
but do u really kno me??? b4 u judge
me look @ urself....i've got my haters
& i've got my ppl....i am who i am & damn proud of it...

`. S `.*:.SeXy
`. W `.*:.WiTTy
) E )*:.ErOtIc
. E .*:.EnTiCiNg
. T .*:.TaNtiLiZinG
. I .*:.InTuiTiVe
( E (*:.ExCiTinG

i dOnT WaLk aRoUnD
tRyiN to bE wHat iM nOt
i dOnT wAsTe mY tiMe
tRyiN tO gEt wHat yOu GoT
i WoRk aT pLeAsiN mE
aNd nOt SaTiSfYiNg yOu
thAtS wHo i am -aNd- eXaCtLy whAt i dO

i gOt a bottLe of coRona
tAKin smAlL siPz
yOu kNOw yOu wiSh
u cOuLd get dOWn lIkE thIS

i'm like a drink
y0u just can't put d0wn
y0ur always coming back
f0r an0ther r0und

Th sP LimiT F x is 68
..T 69 yu Hv T Turn arUnD

one minute im fine
tha next im buggin i
jus need a guy who understandz
im down for some lovin'