Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Five

God made kisses,
God made wishes
God made me
Magically delicious

i SaId No To DrUgZ...
bUt ThEy WoUlDnT LiStEn!!

mY §h|t iS oRiGiNaL i don’t jOcK Or BoRRoW
i JuSt dO mY tHiNg N wAtCh others fOlloW

-Yoú wannà hit this?-
-i know yóu do-
-but the questión is..-
-càn yóu?-

-EvErY nIgHt

fOrGeT tHe FoOtBaLL--»TaCkLe ThE qUaRtErBaCk!

pArK tHe SpOrTsCaR--»RiDe ThE rAcEr!

SaVe ThE fOoD--»TaStE ThE cOoK!

:| WhAT dOnT KiLL yOu
|: oNLY mAkEs u StRoNgEr
:| So wHeN u ThInK ur hUrTiN mE
|: uR jUs hELpIn mE LasT LoNgEr

pOt iZ a plAnT Dat grOwZ iN tHa grOúnd..
if gOd dinT waNt iT , iT wOuldnt b ROúnD..
sO alL yOu fúcKAz dAt dOnt gEt hIGh ,
shUt tHa ƒu©k úP n gIvë iT a TrY

CoMe On ByTcH WaNnA GeT ThInGs StArTeD
No NeEd To FuCc U Up YoU AlReAdY LoOk ReTaRdEd

..SoRrY tO sAy..
uR HiS eX...iM hIS bEsT
tOo bAd u DidnT sEe
HoW aMaZiN hE cOuLd bE

wEn I loOk in uR
.eyeZ. theRes NO
*s t o p i n'* mE i
wAnT yOuR .hoT.
-s e x y - b o d y-
oN ToP oF mE

I gOt MaD hOeS hAtIn On Me
JuS cUz DeY jEaLoUs Of wUt DeY sEe

iM sTyLl iN lOvE
tHo AlL i No yA jUs WaNtEd WuT wUz In BeTwEeN mAh ThiGhZ
LyK pUn SaYz-
Itz AlL iN dA ~*EyEz*~