Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Four

yOu cAn pLay mY gAmE
bUt iLL puT YoU 2 shAme

High On Life-
-Stressing No Hoes
The laid back sweetie-
-Everyone knows

-WhEn i WaLk By Ya GoTtA bE aLeRt-
-CuZ tHeRe AiNt No StOpPiN dIs FuLL tImE fLiRt-

WhAts wIth aLL ThEsE bOyS
*SwEaTiN mE*
WhEn tHEy KnO tHeY’ll nvR bE
*.GeTtIn Me.*

Ya mIghT cALL mE rUdE
bUt tHIs iS hOw i FeEL
i AiNt GoNnA sToP BeIn mE
iMmA rEmAiN *ReAL*

¿..HoW mAnY LiX..?
Mr OwL sAiD ThReE
..YoO gOtTa Be KiDdIn mE..
(iT tAkEz a LoT mOrE tO pLeAsE mE)

tRyIn 2 jOqQ MaH sHyT?
nAHH i DiDnT tHiNk sO
cUz nO mAtTa wUt u cOpy
uR sTiLL a sTuPiD LiL hOe

| s0metimez pe0ple take things t00 far |
| they cr0ss tha line & dayz later they try |
| ta talk ta yew az if nuttin happened |
| yew wanna believe them |
| but yew realize itz t00 hard t0 |
jus run bak t0 yr past

pReTtY aNd SwEeT oNe Of a KiNd
-- n a m e --
ThE gUrL u SpEnT uR LiFe oNe StEp BeHiNd*

|* if yOu wAnnA LeAVe *|
*| i cAn gUArEntEe |*
|* yOu woN'f FinD nOboDy *|
*| elSe liKe mE |*

RoLl, RoLl, RoLl A jOiNt
PaSs It DoWn ThE lInE
tAkE a ToKe, InHaLe ThE sMoKe
NoW yEr FeElIn' FiNe

StOnErS lIvE aNd StOnErS dIe
BuT iN dA eNd We ALL gEt HiGh
So If At 1St u DoNt SuCeEd
FCk dA WoRlD AnD Smoke SuM WeEd

EyEz So SwEeT // sMyLe So sExi
GoT gUyS sAyn // dEy wAnA uNdReSs mE