Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Three

..Were LoOKiN HoT..
..LoOKiN NiCe..
MaKin tha FeLLaS
º¨*:•.×LoOk TWiCE×.•:*¨º

*-. .KiSsAbLe LiPs -N- BlAzIn eYeZ..-*
*-.. SeXy aZz N LuCiOuS ThiGhZ..-*
*-..BaBy iM WuT u FanTaSiZe..-*

eVerYbOdY sHouLd bEliEvE iN SomEthInG
-I BeLiEVe iLL hAve AnOthEr DrInK

..I don't have a drinking problem..
-I drink-
-I get drunk-
-I fall down-
(* N o – P r O b L e M ! *)

‘I’ cOmEs befOrE ‘E’
eXcEpT iN “BuDwEiSeR”

time is never wasted
when yOu’re wasted
all the time

I'm a drunk, not an alcoholic.
Alcoholics go to meetings.

hEreS 2 BeiN sInGLe
dRinKiN DouBlE
aNd SEeiN TriPlE

WeN i ReFuSe To TaKe Sh1t
AnD SpEak Up AgAiNsT it
Im DeFiNeD aS a B1TcH
BuT iF bEiN A B1tCh MeAns
I WoNt AlLoW AnYoNe To
StEp AlL OvA mE tHen
AlL i GoTtA sAy Iz *sO be It*

.:you`ll find me at the party sippin qin n bacardi:.

u BeTTeR cHeCk YaSeLF
RuNNiN YoUr MouTH LiKe u kNoW Me
u WaNna FuCc aRoUnD
thE oBvIouSLy u dOnT kNo Me

you call me a whore
b | t C h - P L e A s E
you’re the one
who’s constantly on your knees

WaNt 2 mAkE yA bOdY sWeAt BeTwEeN tHe ShEeTs
I wAnNa gEt u AlL aLoNe N sTrIp tHaT PeRfEct BoDy
*oF aLL iTs ClOtHeS*
tHeN iM gOnNa wOrK iT fRoM uR HeAd 2 Ur ToEs
wHAtS cOmIn nExT, bAbY wHo KnOwS?

- name -
she kn0ws she’s fine
fine en0ugh t0 bl0w ya mind