Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Two

*::* AiNt NuTtiN WrOnG*::*
*::*WiT Da BuMp N gRiNd*::*
*::*WheN I BaCk DiS tHiNg*::*
.. JuSt JuMp BeHiNd..

-bLiNg bLiNg-
..WiTh A G-$trInG.
WhAt CaN i SaY?!?
.*.Itz a hOt GiRL tHiNg.*.

|[ name ]|
w0rkin it like a 9 t0 5

EvErYbOdY kNoZ iM sExY
..sO tHAt AiNt An Is$uE
uR uGlY anD yA KnOw iT
..sO i DnT eVeN gOtTa Di$ u

reAdy 4 AcTiOn
GiVin AlL tHEm FeLlAZ saTisfAcTiOn
tHaTs Y iM lAbElEd
-tHe MaiN aTtRaCTiOn-

追MaDd H0eZ TrY 2 jOcK mA sTyLe纷
追BuT iT tAkEz A rEaL 摺TcH 2 rOcK  Wd纷

.. I抦 tHAt SeXy SeNsAtIoN .
.. tHAt RoCkS uR ImAgInAtIoN .

If U lYkE mA sH|t
U gOt GoOd TaStE..
bUt thAt doNt meAn
u CaN coPy n PastE

eXprEss JeaNs - $65
PlAybOy T sHiRt - $30
pInK LaCe BrA - $25
MaTcHin ThOnG - $9
tHe LooK oN yOuR FaCe WhEn i PaSs yOu bY...
* p R i C e L e S s *

..反悍.* WiTh LaCe ThOnGz .反悍.*
..反悍.* aNd thE WoRk Of My ToNGuE .反悍.*
..反悍.* H o T s H i T .反悍.*
..反悍.* i GoT u SpRunG .反悍.*

*..i WaZnT bOrN wItH EnoUgH mIdDLe FiNgErZ To LeT yoU kNoW wHaT i ThiNk..*

ThE bEsT wAy tO a MaNs hEaRt iS tHrU HiS fLy

My sTyLe iZ oF a KiNd
eAsY jOcK bUt iMpOSibLe rOcK
iTz jUs iNsAnE frUm HeAd tOe
JuS GoTa UnDaStAnD i GoT Da HoTt AzZ FLoW

DiCe GaMeS_iCeD ChAiNs
DiS mAmI'z WaY OuTtA YoUr pRiCe RaNgE

hOeS r jEaLoUs oF mY bEaUtY
pImPs dRoOl aLl oVeR mY bOoTy