Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Seventeen

i LoOk At YoU KnOwIn yA sTaRiN bAcK
iM fALLiN sO FaSt mY MiNdZ oFf TrAcK
i WaNnA bE wItH u, waNt u To bE MiNe
So BaBy iF yOu WaNT mE, JuS gImMiE a SiGn

u Be DrEaMiN bOuT Me *ToPLeSs*
GoT u ScReAmiN sHeZ PuRe *HoTnEsS*

u kNO dA CiRcUmStAnCeZ wHiSpEr iN uR EaR mAkiN aDvAnCEs..
GiViN gLaNcEz piCtUrE DiS oN DA CaNvAs
wE CaN tAkE tRiPs tO fOrEiGn LaNdS
Me HoLdiN uR hAnDd..U bEiN MyY MaN

i SuGgEsT u bE CaUtiOuS.. mY sTyLeS So sLiCk iT MaKeS HoEeS NaUsEoUS.. YeT ThEy aLL LoVeE *NaMe *
CuZ sHeS GoRgEouS

WiSh uD GiMmE jUs a NiTe oR tWo
oH bAbiEe tHa tHiNgZ iD dOo WiT yOu

I got a Smile Like The SUNRISE
and a Mischevious Sparkle In Mah Eyez

Bet she can't, bet she won't,
But I will , if she don't,
If she won't,||I got the goods baby||

There he was about 5 foot 9
C.h.o.c.o.l.a.t.e as cocoa in the .middle of July.
So fine he had tha _lips_ of a :vintage wine:
If she knew then what she knows now.
He was only 15 with the body of a god and
A face of a king man oh man how could this be
So damn fly but only 15

* NoT eVeN nEllY cAn rIdE wItH mE *
* dOn'T bE sTrEssIn iF yOu cAn'T gEt wHaT yOu sEe*
* NoT eVeN LuDaCrIs kNowS mY fAnTaSy *
* DoN'T foRgEt i GoT eVerYtHiNg yOu lAcK *
* EvEn FaBoLoUs tOlD me To HoLLa BaCk *

Hottest lil chic you ever did see not even Ja Rule can put it on me! I got that bootie that no guy could pass up not even Juvenile can bak this thang up! Cutest thing you ever did see not even Nelly can ride it with me!

Banging Chic Thick Thighs Phat Bootie Little Cuties Everything To Make Your Man Go BUCK*WILD*

DoN't StiCk OuT yOuR tOnGuE uNLeSs YoU PLaN 2 uSe iT

Canít fuck wit dis bitch Canít fade dis mami Gotchu lickin ya lips
screamin *BaBi PuT iT oN mE!*

Cute enough to tease Sexy enough to please Boy tell your pants To
stop pointing please

Always flirtiní and puttiní on a show Girls always hatin Guys sayin

ShUt Ya DoOr n TuRn dOwN dA LiGhTZ CoZ bAbY iMmA rOcK yA wOrLD