Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Sixteen

~my game is so tyte its sOmethin yOu wanna stress*hOw quickly i can make the finezt men get undressed

Finally 1 kiss
After 2 hours
At 3 minutes past the hour
Now we're in to 4 play
5 minutes later
I'm taken off his size 6 boxers
It took me 7 days
To plan this 8 o'clock date
Now 9 months later
I wish I'd taken 10 minutes to think about the consequences

SmiLe ItS tHe SeCoNd BeSt ThInG tO dO wItH UrE LiPz

I never will forget those nights
I wonder if it was a dream
Remember how you made me crazy
Remember how I made you scream
Now I dont understand what happened to our love
But babe Im gonna get you back
Im gonna show you what Im made of

•My hips shakin left to right•
~Gunna give you the time of yer life tonight~

if im daddy's little girl
and i cant play with boys..
then ill hide them in my room and
tell daddy they're my toys.

Im an itsy bitsy slightly ditzy
sometimes crazy
gorgeous kinda >Lady<

The Sky Is bLacK anD it Is nIghT*
*thE moOn iS ouT, thE tiMe iS riGht*
*For Me tO plAy wIth All The BoyS..*
*n mEss 'Em uP liKe lIttLe tOys*

.·:* gLoSsY lIpS sPaRkLiN eYeZ*:·.
.·:* LeAvIn AlL tHe FeLlAz HyPnOtIzEd*:·.

··÷··bAnGiN hOtT oNe Of A kInD··÷··
··÷··i GoT aLl ThE gUyZ sAyIn WhOa ShEs FiNe··÷··

~Boy I know u want me~
*Just as much as I want u*
~So come and get my love~
*It's all here for u*

i WeNt FrOm CaNdY aNd ToYz
2 CeLlPhOnEz AnD bOyZ

hOt LiL mAmI mAkIn HoEz HaTe HeR mOrE dAiLy
aInT mY fAuLt ThEsE bYtChEz cAnT bE fRiEnDlY
cUz Ya KnO hOw It Go dErE mAn KnOcKs oN mA dOoR
i AiNt bOuTa ReFuSe sHoOt cOmE oN iN wE cAn FoOl

yew need ta get a lil clossa boo n let me put it on yew like a girls suposed to