Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Fifteen

Your ice your gear your sex appeal
Your game so tight you got me feelin
Wantin you alone with me

I've got them cruel intentions Them perfct affectionz I'm the bitch causin your guys Erectionz.

Every fuckin night & Every fucken day I wanna fuck you boy.In every fucken way.

yu can call me a raw man stealiing h0... but ii couldn't take yer niigga unless hes ready t0 g0. <.<

>>> jus siit riigh back and relax iima make u miine <<< well go back to my room.. ii'll be {{6}} iif u'll be }}9{{

~68 MPH iS tHa SpEEd LiMiT cUz OnCe U hIt 69 U fLiP oVa & eAt It!!

*::*i wanna kno what turnz yooh on *::*
*::*so i can be all dat n more*::*

Like Nokia (connecting people) Like Nike (Just do it) Like Pepsi (ask for more) Like Coca Cola (Enjoy) Like me (too good to be true)

Baby when ya sexin me I kinda like when ya Murdah me baby, Murdah me.

l|[ baby baby we can do all that we want we gettin nasty nasty we gettin freaky deaky ]|l -

roses are red trash is stinky why is your dick the size of my pinky

That outfit would look great in a crumpled heap on my bedroom floor tomorrow morning.

*WiTh LoOkS LiKe DiS..i ShOuLd bE a PLaYbOy
BuNniE..i'LL PiMp yA HaRd AnD tAkE aLL yOuR MoNeY*

BaBy BoY iM dIgGiN YoO....
CuZ u MakE mE WaNNa dO aLL TheM ThiNgZ....
i WaS TAuGhT i WaSnT SuPPoSeD 2.

Do Me BaBi*
FuC mE CraZy
* GrIpPiN n RiDiN*
BuMpIn n GrInDiN
*In Da BeD oR oN Da FlOoR*
GoT u WaNtIn
*MoRe n MoRe*

-::- whiip cream it up -::-
-::- put strawberriez on tOp -::-
-::-and all ii`ll be sayin iz -::-
-::- nO ; dOn`t ; stOp -::-

Q. What's the speed limit of sex?
A. 68 because at 69 you have to turn around

i can picutre us on the floor,
boy you'd be beggin' me for more.

no doubt my game is tyte boy i got u feelin me day n night

~im dOne wit all tha stressin sick Of tha impressin if yOu want it cOme n get it cause nOw im dOwn for messin