Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Fourteen

i aiNt Da KiNDa gUrL
tOo taKe it sLOw..
DiZ BayBee gUrL
WiLL HaVe Ya DiCk uPp LiKe..

..:: enter da wOrLd of da pLaybOy pinup girL ::.. ..buttnaked.. ..wearin nOthin buh perLz.. ..:: yOu wanna meet me cOs ya knO im FrEaKy ::.. ..:: and yOu wanna EaT me cOs ya say im sExXxii ::..

«.•.» ii 0nlii take mii men thuggd 0ut «.•.» sliightly buggd 0ut «.•.» tha type tha liike to fuck wiit dey t0ungues 0ut «.•.» yu kn0 da j0b aiint gettiin d0ne tiil da b0dy get druggd 0ut «.•.» h0t b0y keep me riight «.•.» play ur part n iill keep iit tiight «.•.» whea else yu gon be iin tha miiddle of tha niigh[?] «.•.» but up iin tha sheets wiid me iight. «.•.»

-tha only reason id kick you off my bed - - is to fuck you on tha floor -

(( fightin with me is like oral sex )) (( your goin down ))

ºº|-x-| ill only letchu eat it if u ask me rightºº
ºº|-x-| ma coochie madd tyteºº
ºº|-x-| it aint no fun if ya tounge aint inºº
ºº|-x-| now dis is where da madness startsºº
ºº|-x-| so nigga fuck me wit ya toungeºº
ºº|-x-| till ya lick ma heart i gotta body lyke a coke bottleºº º
º|-x-|watch me walkºº

bOi iMa MaKe U LoVe Me.... mAkE u WaNt Me...
aN iMa GiVe U sUm AtTeNtiOn, tOniGhT
nOw fOLLoW mY iNtUiTiOnS.... wHaT yOuRe WiShiN
SeE iMa KeEp U uP aLL niGhT fOr A LoNg TiMe =)

tOniGhT iMa GiVe iT tO U... dO iT tO u
i WaNt U tO cOmE pRePaReD.... oHhHh yEaH (oH yEs)
bOi iTs BeEn SuCh A LoNg TiMe... a CrAzY LoNg TiMe
aN i DoNt WaNt No MiNuTe MaN... aN tHaTs ReaL

Fuk ThE GuY uUu ThiNk iS HoTT...
HoEs svck AnD ThEn ThEy DiE...
LoSeRs Svk AnD sTiLL sTaY HiGh~

It’s not:
*Once he hits it he’s out the door*
*Once he hits it, it aint the same nemore*

Im LooKiN iN Yo EyEz Bo0
N DeA aINt No SToPPiN Me
All iM WaNTiN NoW
Iz Ur SeXi BoDy oN ToPPa Me

Theres somethin bout the way u smile
Always seems to drive me wild
Maybe it is just ur s/t/y/l/e
That makes me wanna s.t.a.y a|w|h|i|l|e
We can take it nice and slow
We can turn the lights down low
Dont nobody have to know
I wont tell how far we go

b0y iF iTs aLrItE LeTs g0 S0MeWhErE n GeT iT 0N t0nItE