Sexy/Naughty Quotes... Page Thirteen

Sex is not the answer,
it's the question...
The answer is YES

lIcK mE suk Me DaMn u fInE
haRdER fAsTeR EvErY TiMe
taStE Me FeEl mE mOrE ******** MoRe

What's ur defiintiion of diirty baby[?]
What do yu call p0rnography[?]
Don't yu know ii love iit tiill iit hurts me baby
Don't yu thiink iits time yu had sex wiith me.

put me on the counter in the kitchen
now baby pour some ice cream on me
lick me from head to to bending me over
69 will be the next thing
i wanna taste your body all nigHt long
from sun up to sun down im gonna make ya moan

.:Mah cleavage will make you enable to speak
mah ass will my ya kneez weAk
so hold ya pants & cloSe yoUr eyEz..unLess yoU wAnt youR diCk to RisE ;):.

yOu're like a garbage can cuz i wanna put stuff in yOur hOle
yOu're like a fire extinguisher cuz i wanna make white stuff cOme Out Of yOu
yOu're like a pOcket cuz i wanna stick my fingers in yOu
yOu're like a dOOr cuz i wanna Open yOu then gO in
yOu're like cereal cuz i wanna spOOn yOu
yOur eyes are like a p0rnO cuz i could stare at them all day
yOur lips are like band-aids cuz i want them all Over me
yOu're hOtter than sOmething that's really hOt
yOu're even hOtter than macarOni bOiling in a pOt
yOu're prettier than a really pretty flOwer
i wanna make sweet lOve tO yOu in the shOwer

eye ta eye contact as yo kissin muh lipz
hit yoo wit a freaki kiss as yoo grabin muh hipz
rippin yoor shirt tellin yoo i want it ta hurt
lai me on the bed as yoo unziper muh skirt
now we on the bed boi as we keep on switchin
but itz up ta yoo ta find out whutz muh favorite position..

ma chest will make ya unable ta speak
ma thighs will make ya knees go weak
so grab ya pants n close ya eyes
unless ya want ya dick ta rise....

U KnOw U LiKe It WhEn I
SmiRk & GiGgLe...TwiRk & WiGgLe
thrOw Ma LegS Up WhEn yOu
WoRk Da MiDdLe

oPeN Ur MoUtH,StIcK OuT uR tOuNgE
TaKe a LiL tAsTe aNd LeTs HaVe SuM FuN

tonight ur body is mine boy
why u gotta be looking so fine
with ur body looking sexy
i want u to come and caress me
uhh i'll touch u all of ur body where the good lovers touch
it might but i guarentee it'll make u blush