Over You Quotes... Page Five

i CRieD ToDay.. NoT BeaCauSe i MiSS you..
oR eVeN WaNTeD you BuT BeCauSe
i FiNaLLy ReaLiZeD iM GoNNa Be aLRiTe WiTH ouT you

DoNT ya See
No GuRL WiLL eVa
BeaT MeH
FaCe iT
u JuS CaNT HaVe
WuT u HaD

-i PRoMiSeD MySeLF i WaS oVeR you-
-i PRoMiSeD MySeLF THaT i WaS THRu-
-BuT iN ReaLiTy aLL i CaN THiNK aBouT iS u-
-WHeN THe Day iS DoNe aND eVeRyTHiNG-
-i Lie HeRe iN BeD WoNDeRiNG-
-iF u LooK aT Me iN My BRiGHT BLue eyeS-
-THouGH i ReaLLy SHouLDVe SaiD GooDBye-
-you Say uR SoRRy CoZ u LieD To Me-
-BuT NoW i KNo u oNLy WaNT Ta GeT iNSiDe oF Me-
-So BaBy iTZ oVeR aND LeT Me TeLL you-
-you CaNT CoMe CRaWLiNG BaCK aFTeR WHaT u PuT Me THRu-

i DoNT WaNNa HeaR iM SoRRy
i DoNT WaNNa HeaR i LoVe u
i DoNT WaNNa HeaR Ne MoRe

i DoNT WaNT u
i DoNT NeeD u
i DoNT LoVe u
i DoNT HaTe u

TrIEd To pLaY mE LiKe a FoOL
WeLL gUeSs wUt pLaYa
--i NeVa LoVeD YoU--

i refuse to cry anymore
about the fact that this didnt work
cuz now i realize
that youre just a f’in jerk

Tha things i used to love about u
are now da thingz i hate about u

DoNT CaLL Me ya LaDi
DoNT CaLL Me ya Boo
i CauGHT yoo CHeaTiN

»iF u CaReD aT aLL iT WouLDNT HaVe HaPPeNeD«
»iT WouLDNT HaVe BeeN So LoNG«
»iT WouLD HaVe BeeN FiXeD«
»BuT NoW iT'S Too LaTe«
»NoW i DoNT CaRe«

yOu gOtTa LeT gO wEn uR hUrTin t0 mUcH
yOu hAvE tO gIvE uP wEn lIfE iSnT eNoUgH
yOu gOtTa mOvE oN wEn ThInGs aREnT liKe bEfOre
aNd kNoO tHiErS sOmEoNe oUt ThErE whO wiLL
an I have ever fallen for anyone in my life