Over You Quotes... Page Four

iM sIcK oF aLwAyS cOmIn HoMe N cRyN
iM aLwAyS fEeLn LiKe dYiN
iM tIrEd Of pUtTin FoRtH eFfOrT n TiReD oF tRyN
iM tIrEd Of SwAlLowIn My PrIdE aNd SiGhN
I wAnT tO fEeL dIfFeReNt ThAn FeElIn HuRt AlL tHe TiMe sHoWn My FeElInGs Ids My bIgGeSt CrImE
i WaNt To Be AbLe tO sMiLe WiThOuT hAvN tO fAkE iT
i dUn WaNnA gIvE uP oN lIFe JuS yEt...I dO wAnA mAkE iT

--Im StRoNg--
KeEpIn My Sh.iT In LiNe
EvEn WiTh TeArS sTreAmIn DoWn My FaCe
I aLwAyS mAnAgE tO sAy, "Im FiNe"

•WhEn YoU'rE lyiNg In BEd At NiTe
wOnDeRiNg If yOu'LL EvEr FiNd SoMeOnE,
yOu'LL SmiLe aNd LoOk BaCk At Me..
AnD tHaT wIlL bE tHe DaY
You'LL ReGrEt WaLkInG aWaY •

WhEn i LoOk bAcK aT aLL tHe ThInGs uVe SaiD aNd DoNe i ReALiZe ThAt yOU ArE nOt ThE OnE

BoY sHez NoW yO gRrL
So ThErE aINt No PoInT tO bE tRiPpIn oVr YoU
sO iMa MoVe On- Be StRonG n fINd SomE1 NeW

I lUvEd Ya WiT aLl mAhH hArT
BuT iMa GiVe Up aNd FrOM NoW oN bE

YoU aSkEd HeR oUt ThE oThA DaY
WhEn ShE AiNt LuViN u LyK u WaNnA bE LuVeD
Ur A tHiNk Of Me N tRy N gEt Me bAcK
u ThInK uR gUnNa.. BoY u MuSt Be SmOkIn CrAcK

u tHiNk Im sItTiN hErE wIt Ya AlWaYz On mY mInD
yA wElL tHaTz HoW iT wAs WiT uR oThA gRrLz
bAbE i GoT mAh OwN lIfE
wHeN wE wAs ToGeThEr u FiGuReD oUt i AiNt LyK tHa OtHeRs
AnD i AiNt CrYiN aLoNe DePrEsSeD n SaD
gRrLz GoTtA rEaLiZe gUyZ r AlL pLaYaZ n dEy AlL mAkE yA mAd

i cant take it n*e mOre when im with yOu
i feel like im nOthin thats y
i tOld yOu nOt tO cOme and tOuch me
thats y i never tOuch yOu thats y i
never even think abOut yOu cuz when
i start to it just reminds me that
im nOt gOOd enOugh

Some day you'll see that you made a mistake
By the time you wake up.. it'll be too late
Cause i will have moved on and found someone new
Someone who loves me the way i used to love you

you showed me what its like to cry
now i hope you suffer

don`t even try to come bak to me
cuz this time im movin on and ur
nothing but a memory - x o x o