Over You Quotes... Page Three

•My life's been better since the day I left you boy •I must admit life's been kind to me• •I went and did the things I said I would do boy• •I found someone who loves me for me• •Haven't had much drama since the day that we split boy• •My heart's never been more at ease• •And when I think of all the things you put me thru• •Leaving you has been the best thing for me•

iM sTiLL sO dAmN yOuNg
JuS wAnNa LiVe iT uP
bE oUtRiGhT cRaZii
AnD nEvA gIvE a FuCk

You're full of shit
All of your dumbass lies
How can you say them to me
When you're looking straight into my eyes
I can't believe I keep goin back
to someone that makes my spirits die
But guess what baby?
I've finally learned to say goodbye.

i HaTe yOo MoRe DeN LiFe iTSeLf
DaMm i eVeN HaTe yOo mOrE DeN i HaTe MySeLf

screw your [i love you's] that [didn't mean a thing] screw your [i'll call you's] and the phone that [didn't ring] i loved you [more than life] itself..but i [should've known] i should've seen it in [your eyes] that i'd end up [alone]

u can try to break my
heart but it isn`t goin
to work i already told
you that i wazs
u n b r e a k a b l e*]

You can tell me that you're sorry Beg me for another chance You can think I'll take you back You're in Never Neverland

i was here for you for so long.. now that you want me.. ive moved on & found someone new and guess what...? hes even better than you

take a bOw//hear the applause?
my <3 iS brOken___and *yOuR*
the cause `--» i played your
game `* and it lOoks like you`ve
wOn_______ cOngradulations!*
`---» - I hOpE yOu had f u n
NeVeR AgAiN tHaT’s WhaT i sAiD 2 mYsELf..
i nEvEr WaNnA FeEL ThAt kiNdA PaiN AgAiN
tHat I fELt wHen I wAs wItH yOu..

DoNT WaNNa FaLL BaCK iN LuV WiTH u CauSe iT aLWaYz MaKeS Me CrY
No1 SeeMeD To WaNT Us 2GeTHeR BuT i GUeSS We SHouLD HaVe TRieD
HoW CaN We SaY 4EvA wE cAnT CuZ 4EvA DiED

One Of TheSE dAyz uLL reaLizE How I wuS thE 1 fOr u-
HoW u THrU it ALl awaY-n wEN thAT day cOMEs-
iLL SmiLe n TelL u thE SaME tHinGS u TOld Me-
tHat Ur My FriEnd N tHAtz WUt I wanT U 2 b-
MaYb if UR lucKY uLL oPEn uR eYES n sEe How These WOrDs HUrt..
Ull N.e.V.e.r. sAy thEM agAin...