Over You Quotes... Page Two

wishing for you to come to me Is a wish that won't ever come true..
I finally gave up on loving you..

...i dOn'T reGreT wHaT i'Ve bEeN thRoUgH...
^i'Ve LeArNeD tO aCcEpT iT^
*cAuSe i'Ve LeArNeD a Lot*

tHe DaY i MeT yOu
mY LiFe hAD [cHaNGeD]
iN mY EyEs yOu HaD
tHaT [sPeCiAL] pLaCE
BuT YoUrE MaDe oF LIeS
YoU MeSsEd wItH mY [MiNd]
..aNd sORrY tO SaY..
-yOu [wAsTeD] mY TiMe-

iM LoOkiN 4 SoMe1 2 GiVe Ma HeArT tO
FuK mY oLd BoYfRieNdS iM rEdY 4 dA nEw
SoMe1 WhO WiLL tRy n MaKe iT LaSt
CuZ iM FiNaLLy MoViN oN fRoM dA pAsT

i was here f0r y0u f0r s0 l0ng
n0w that y0u want me i've m0ved 0n
i f0und s0me0ne new
and he's even better than y0u

how’s it gonna be when it goes down
how’s it gonna be when you’re not around
how’s it gonna be when you find out there was nothing between you and me, cuz I don’t care
[( h o w ‘s . i t . g o n n a . b e ?)]

We're gonna see how much
u miss me when
im gone & moving on

Do YoU eXpEcT mE tO sIt aT hOmE
WaItIn - LoNLeY bY tHE pHoNe
FoR uR cALL aFtEr u BeEN OuT aLL NiGHT
..i gOt 2 WoRds fOR u Boy..
( y E a H – R i G h T )

i’m nOt anybOdy’s girl
and I will nOt cOnfOrm
and I wOn’t play that gOOd girlfriend
yOu pushed arOund before

wAstEd tOO muCh tiMe oN anAlyZinG evErYthiNg I dO onLy tO fiGuRe oUt I wAs wasTinG tiMe oN YoU

For so long I sat at home thinking about you and how I wished you were mine.
No matter what I did, where I was or how I felt you were on my mind.
But now that I see how much you actually love someone else besides me
It feels good to know that I’ve finally realized it *wasn’t* meant to be.

I'm going to get over you
End this. Stop it forever
Unless you give me
a reason not to