Over You Quotes... Page One

no more tears,no more secrets no more liez no more drama in our live's that wars would'nt ever start no more leaving no more death no more cryin that right would alway's win no more regret no more us apart' no more leaving with a broken heartt no more sin` friends would last forever 'nd that love would never' -end no more live's torn apart no more deceiving no' more sadnes no more fights that time would heal all' hearts no more darkness no more hurt .....no more goodbyez // this is my '*`prayer`*' for every year

and n0 matta wat i keep mah head up
perSue mah dream`z nd neva qet fed up
s0 wen i hear this i put up my fiSt
to let yu kn0w yu`LL aLwaiiy`s be missed
.. n0w that you`re gone ..

thank you, u made
my mind up for me
when you started x
to [ i g n o r e ] me

i`m goNna build a fire in the miDdle
of july burn your piCtures aNd gO
4 a drive dOwn to the river watch
the ink from your love letters faDe
come back home and turn that Old
maTtreSs Over º`! pOur Out the
whiskey try wakin`' up sober -!!
gonna change it all tonight goNna
Do --[¤!!!¤]--» whatever it taKes

I hope you choke on every word u spoke when you were screaming at me.

the one thing i want the most is to see you suffer what you once put me through

You don't mean anything to me You're what I never want to be Tell me does it feel good to be like you Tell me why should I waste my time with you 'Cuz maybe you always bring me down I'm sick of being pushed around I'm not gonna change You can't make me

4Get Da TiMeS He WaLKeD By 4GeT ThE TiMEs He MaDe Me CrY 4gEt ThE TiMes He sPoKe mY NaMe ReMbEr Now ItS NoT tHe SaMe 4GeT Da TiMEs He HElD My HaNd i'LL FoRgEt Da SwEEt ThInGs iF i CaN 4gEt Da TiMeS N DoN't pReTeNd ReMbEr NoW heS JuSt uR fRiEnD

These are the days When all that I can do is dream But I don't wanna spend forever Living in the in between I'm stuck here in a place without love And I just can't let it stay this way But for now I'm gonna have to face it These are the days

•Your choice is [black or white, not a shade of gray]• •Because in love, there's no such thing as [halfway]• •|Devotion| can't be swayed, |emotions| can't be torn• •I'd rather we be hot or cold than 'lukewarm'•

One day you'll be crying and feeling like dying Thinking that you should have done some trying You'll come back to me, begging for a chance Asking if we could finally share a romance And I'll say it to your face Too long you I have chased I'll say you could have had me then I had loved you over and over again You'll tell me you know and that you're so sorry You'll say that u finally see how much we're meant to be I'll look u straight in the eyes Tellin you you should have been more wise I won't take you back, no not anymore Yes, I loved you but that was before See I've found a new guy One that doesnt make me cry I'm over with you.. Done and thru Dont bother chasing me More than friends, we wont be