Lyric Quotes... Page Five

[?] what went wr0ng [?]
.cause y0u said
-(`this was right)-
{..}y0u fucked up my life.._..

I wAnnA bE yOuR lOveR
I wAnNa gEt tO KnoW yOu bAbY
Im gOnnA gIvE mY LOvIn
I rEaLLy wAnnA driVe yOu crAzy

*.+ iLL C0ntr0L dA StiCk u DriVe BeTwEeN dA LiNeS i LuV RiDiNg iT 0n uR HiGhWaY +.*

** Ju$s cAuSe y0u aiNt a miLLiOnAiRe dOnT mEaN y0u cAnT c0mpEtE
y0u aiNt g0tTa bE fiLtHy riCh, bUt y0u cAnT bE cHeAp **

$ Ab0ut fiVe feEt eVeN, kiNdA sMaLL iN dA wAiSt,
RaP's sEx sYmBoL rEaL prEtTy iN Da fAcE $

* .. y0u wErE iN mY drEaM bEf0rE i eVeN kNeW tHeRe WaS a y0u aNd mE .. *

[*] SaYs hE wAnTs y0u He sAyS hE nEeDs y0u iTs rEaL
taLk, tHeN wHy n0t maKe hiM wAiT f0r y0u [*]

(Dip) it l0w
(Pick) it up sl0w
(R0ll) it all ar0und
(P0ke) it 0ut like y0ur back br0ke

I gEt s0 c0ld sUmMer feEls LiKe tHa wiNtEr
wHeN iM aT h0me, all al0ne I jUst cry ...

'? ? ???? ? ?? ???? ????,
& ???? ?? ?!?, & ?'? ???? ??? !?
& ?\/ ? ?? ?? ?$? ????:*:

Deep down you know it's best for yourself\
But you
Hate the thought of HIM being with someone else
But you know that it's over
We know that it's through
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn

...* and everytime i try to fly
i fall w/out my wings
i feel so small
i guess i need you baby
and everytime i see you in my dreams
i see your face it's haunting me
i guess i need you baby*...

[if] i never see your .f.a.c.e.
if ^wings^ take you away from me
and tomorrow NeVeR happens, baby
if the world comes >>tumbling >>down
and crumbles all around [u][s]
fate turns *cruel*, your on your knees
so desperate for ::one truth::
no that ...i have loved you...

..i think i fell in love with the 8th world wonder..