Lyric Quotes... Page Four

[ m E ]
( m Y s E L f )
{ a N d . I } aLL i gOt iN thE EnD..

.. aNd eveRy sUnSet that wE’LL mIsS ..
.. I’ll wRap them aLL uP in A kISs ..

([{ n0thing's sO c0ld as clOsing the heart..«3
.•[ when all we need is t0 free the sOul
*. but we w0uldn't be that brave i knOw ;;
and y0u yell Outside s0 sOft .÷]
-c0nfessing everything..//

i LiKe tHe fEeLiNg yOuR givInG mE
JuSt HolD mE baby anD iM iN ExTaCy

¸.•*¨)wHy dOes iT fEEl thE sAme
tO fAll iN «3-LoVe-«3 oR [b|R|e|A|k] iT oFF
aNd iF yOuNG lOVe iS JuST a gAme (¸.•´
*•.¸thEn I MuSt hAvE MiSseD tHe kIcK-oFf

[×] y0u maKe mE sick [×]
»-(¯v´¯)-» I waNt y0u
..aNd im hAtin iT´¯`×

;; I HaVenT bEEn thIs ScaReD [!]
•.¸.» iN a LonG TiME.•¤
\\..aNd iM sO uNpReParEd..}
sO HeRe’S YouR «3.VaLEntiNE.«3

¤*.nOb0dY saId iT wAs Ea$Y´¯••._
«3-It’S sUch a $hAMe f0R uS tO paRt [x]
Nob0dY $AiD iT waS eAsY«-
..n0 oNe eVeR sAiD iT wOuLd bE tHi$ hArD
.•´`-»0h tAke mE baCk tO thE $taRt]•._

...1… YoU’Re LiKe A dReAm CoMe TrUe
…2… JuSt WaNnA bE wIt YoU
…3… iT’s PlAiN tO sEe ThAt uR tHe OnLy 1 fOr Me &
…4… RePeAt StEpS oNe ThRu ThReE
…5… MaKe YoU fAlL iN lOvE wIth Me

.•(x[ iF y0u bEliEve iN yoUrSeLf eNoUgH
& kn0w whAt y0u wAnT•.•//
y0U’re gOnnA -»MakE iT haPPen

..•»i never meant t0 cause y0u tr0uble,
and i never meant t0 d0 y0u wr0ng [-x-]
and i, well if i ever caused y0u tr0uble;;
»-(¯v´¯)-»i never meant t0 d0 y0u harm..

»..d0nT..« iNduLgE iN mY pA$t
fUCk wHat hApp3nEd befORe y0u [*x.]

LiFe is s0 craZy
And l0ve i$ unkiNd
BeCau$e she was fir$t, darLing
Will $he hang 0n yoUr miNd?

I l0v3 y4 m0r3 th4n a f4t k1d l0v3z c4k3...